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Lace Pleated Top/Dress









thumb_IMG_9335_1024Lace Pleated Top

wear this as a top, like me… or as a dress if you are shorter!! both ways it’s super cute and very flattering! I am a huge fan of oversized shirts and flowy tops, so all the more reason to love this one! plus, it’s white and lace, so you can wear it into spring!!!!

side note: if y’all didn’t know, yesterday was my birthday!! I had a test from 6-8, which literally ruined my whole day… stressing about an exam was not the way I wanted to spend my bday.. but…. when I came home from my test, my roomie had balloons flying and cookie cake waiting!! so all my girlfriends came over, we popped champagne, and munched on sweets! perfect way to the end of my night! also, cookie cakes, from Great American Cookies, are my all time fav! every time I see a store or stand I go grab a cookie.. just ask my bf lol.. it’s a problem!! & now… it’s like my birthday all week, with cookies involved :))

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