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3 Day Juice Cleanse

Grocery List- 3 Day Cleanse

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanser

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanser Recipe

What made you want to do a juice cleanse?

I returned from Naples last Monday and just felt so ughhh… we had such amazing food, room service, and drinks, that when I got back I was still full from all we ate! I figured.. why not give my body a break, prepare for my cruise next week, & get some healthy food in my system.  I did a little research, browsed other websites/blogs, looked up recipes on Pinterest, and within an hour I was on my way to Publix!

Are the drinks filling?

After my Day 1, breakfast, drink I thought.. wow.. I am so full!  I also worked out right before it so I think that may have had something to do with it, but it still filled me up! My breakfast drink kept me feeling good until about 4 p.m., when I got out of class, and headed home to drink my afternoon one! sometimes you might find you don’t want to drink it all or don’t like the taste, try not to give up on it.. give it a day or two, let your body adjust, and then see how you feel!

How do the drinks make you feel?

if you are worried about lack of energy or nutrition, no need to worry! I assure you, I felt great throughout the day! if you aren’t use to eating a lot of these foods, you may have to let your body adjust. Either way we all handle food differently, so take it as it is!

Do you have cravings?

absolutely… lets be honest, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever & cravings for JifWhips Peanut Butter all day, everyday…. & it wasn’t any different when I was on these drinks.. you may be full, but sometimes your body just wants what it wants 😉

Did you snack?

When I set my mind to this juice cleanse, I wanted to do it right… although, I have to admit…. I snacked.. it wasn’t in the morning or in the afternoon, it was at night.. after I had a full day of walking around campus, going to work, & exercising. However, I snacked only on Peanut Butter (good protein) & cereal (needed some carbs).  I am very active most days & I think that’s why my body was in need of more!  Either way, the drinks are still great for getting in all your nutrients, cleaning your system, and leaving you with a feeling of very healthy!

Did you stop taking protein shakes while on the drinks? 

About 2 months ago, I started drinking protein shakes, 30 minutes post work out. I’ve wanted to try to add a little muscle, get toned, and put some extra meat on my bones! during these 3 days I did stay away from the protein shakes, but the drinks contain enough nutrients to give your body what it needs!

speaking from my experience, after the second day you start to adapt a little more to the drinks and all the fruits & veggies. only thing lacking in my diet is meat. I don’t eat much of it at all, maybe some chicken here & there.. so I’m trying to get better about grabbing a slice or ham or turkey every day & fulfilling my body with some protein it needs.  y’all might try the same! during the cleanse, or after the cleanse.



Keep in mind these drinks are working almost as meal replacements.. unless you are like me & still have to snack a little.. which is fine! we all handle food differently & our bodies react to situations differently! either way, this 3 day cleanse is a great way to fill your body with lots of nutrients, vitamins, & healthy substances, and I assure it will leave you feeling healthy & full!! I’ve never done anything like this before but enjoyed switching up my eating habits for a couple days!

as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!!! if choose to try this, hope your experience is great!

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