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Cruise Recap

Saturday, Day 1: left Miami, drove to Ft. Lauderdale, and hopped on the ship! I was so surprised how smooth check-in’s were & how easy boarding was! definitely started off the trip on a great note! I don’t know about y’all but the first thing I love to do when vacationing or visiting in a new place, is become aquatinted with the area.. In this case, the ship. We all browsed the boat, checked out the dining area, fitness center, and scouted out where to spend our evenings. Still amazes me how much there is to on board, how the have enough food to feed all of us, and how great the hospitality is!  If you have yet to take a cruise, add it to your bucket list!

Sunday, Day 2: was spent exploring Key West, FL!  love how cute and quaint the town is!! We walked up and down Devaul Street, stopped in Sloppy Joes for some good music and drinks, then went on to another restaurant/pool.. I didn’t realize that Key West was known for Key Lime Pie until I got there & everywhere we looked we saw ads for them! My friends tried a Key Lime Pie that was dipped in chocolate and on a stick.. Idk how I missed that?? my sweet tooth felt unfulfilled!  needless to say, all I want is some Key Lime Pie right now! We set sail around 5 pm, headed to dinner (had the usual shrimp cocktail, grilled chicken breasts, & the best apple pie!), watched a comedy show, and spent the night browsing the casino! I played my first ever round of black jack & lost $20.. I don’t think I will be trying that anytime again soon…

Monday, Day 3: was a day at sea! unfortunately, our weather wasn’t that great.. since we are cruising, the wind is strong, and the sun was nowhere to be found, it made it hard to sit outside on the deck. Most of my friends spent majority of their time in the hot tub, which wasn’t a bad set up! I did a daily devotion (Psalm ?????) and continued reading my book, The Bridge, by Karen Kingsbury. Seriously recommend her for anyone looking for a great read! She is my all time favorite author (and christian author). Favorite book of hers is One Tuesday Morning, in case you are heading on vacation & looking for something to read!

Tuesday, Day 4: made it to Cozumel, Mexico!!  Since this was our first bit of abundant sunshine on the cruise, so we all wanted nothing more than to chill on the beach and soak up some rays! We went to an all inclusive resort, Mr. Sanchez, that included dinks, food, a water park, kayaks, good music, and good times 🙂 we considered doing an excursion but settled for beach chairs and the ocean breeze instead!

Wednesday, Day 5: got a little toasty.. I told the girls you don’t realize how much sun you get because there is such a breeze & when you get into reading a book (like me) time passes by so quickly!  and speaking of time.. the cruise went by sooo fast… but I guess that’s the thing about vacations, all good things eventually come to an end (and most of the time too soon) — & of course since it was our last day/night, I pigged out, ate so much pizza, and doubled up on dessert at dinner — the apple pie and apple tart were just too good to pass up!  gonna miss eating well..

Thursday, Day 6: as I type this last entry, I am currently sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, running on 3 hours of sleep! what a trip, what fun!!!!!!!!! couldn’t have asked for a better Senior Spring Break, with all my favorite girls!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!!

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