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Headbands of Hope

Pink Flower Crown

Have you ever heard of Headbands of Hope? If not, #1 you have to go check out their site, #2 read their “about” section, #3 shop the cutest headbands, crowns, headdresses, clips, and hair accessories, & #4 help give a child with cancer a reason to smile!  for every headband sold, they donate one to a kid with cancer.. how special, right!? not only are you shopping for yourself, but in a way you are shopping for someone else too! I just love, love, love organizations & programs that give back.. & this one is just so perfect!  I really like the concept they’ve adapted of, “spreading hope one child at a time.”  It makes buying a product a little more fun 🙂  get in style & shop their entire collection!! they have so many adorable things for sale!

p.s.- I felt like the real life snapchat flower crown filter.. funny.. haha

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