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Happy Monday!!! I have finally found myself settled back in ATL, starting classes today, and finding some time to share my engagement story and cruise pictures with you all!  before we begin.. I apologize for the long, sappy, lovey dovey post, but my heart & head are currently on Cloud 9.. & idk if I’ll ever come back down haha 😉

So.. for starters.. How did C & I meet? I know I have shared this on my blog before, but for all you newbies, we have been life long friends! We grew up going to my uncle’s basketball games together, on family vacays, and spending our weekends on the lake. It wasn’t until the summer going into my sophomore year of college that we really connected and hit it off! Right before I was suppose to head back to Atlanta for my 2nd year here at GaTech, C asked me out. We had our first date on the river, in Owensboro, KY.  He was originally only planning on coming for 1 night, but he ended up staying all weekend (that should’ve been sign #1 – I just couldn’t get enough of him). The following week I drove to his home town (Paducah, KY) and surprised him at work! I sent him a snap outside of his office & it said, “Is it bring your gf to work today yet?”  from there on out the rest is kinda history.  We have had so many ups and downs the past 3 years, filled with lots of love, endless fights, romantic moments, hardships, and unforgettable memories. I could lie and say it’s been easy, but it hasn’t. We have had to work twice as hard to keep this going.. because anyone in a long distance relationship knows just how tough it really can be. but through it all we’ve not only been madly in love, but we’ve been best friends! & there is nobody else I would rather spend forever with!!

Engagement!!!!!!! alright here we are & we have we planned this once in a lifetime vacation.. and yes we have spent so much time talking about a future life, marriage, and what not (I  mean.. we do have a dog together 😉 all in all a commitment in itself) so naturally, I thought an engagement might be in the cards. I packed my bag full of potential “engagement outfits” and spent countless nights awake dreaming of that moment…  to fully share the story I am just going to create a replica of the timeline we experienced & give you the details of the full day (cause little hints along the way make it really special)

9:00 AM – wake up in Seattle after a night out with my family! we grab breakfast on the pier, chat about our upcoming school schedules, and plan for our day around the city

11:00 AM – we head to Pike Marketplace — It was so crowded we decided to head to the Space Needle

11:45 AM- we are the Space Needle, C is checking his phone to verify our arrival time for the cruise.. he suddenly starts freaking out & getting visibly upset (which he never does —  I am always the high strung stressed out one) so.. I remain super, super calm when he tells me we haven’t printed our luggage tags or boarding passes. I blow it off & am like, “no way they don’t let us on the ship.. we’re going to be fine”  *** ding, ding, ding – SIGN #1 – he is planning a proposal for that night and freaked out of his mind that we aren’t even going to be able to get on the ship!!!!

1:45 PM – we get through the baggage line, go through security, and are almost home safe to check in & board — C says, “I made dinner reservations at the nice Italian Place tonight” ***ding, ding, ding – SIGN #2 – I am the planner!!! always, always, always.. but I still didn’t catch the hint, “I was just like wow you made reservations.. what!?” he said, “I know Italian is your favorite” – I respond, “well how about we just go somewhere low key tonight since it’s our first night on the ship”  Here I am messing up his engagement plans cause I am so anxious about exploring the ship and worried our dinner reservations will get messed up!

3:30 PM- we finally board the ship & get to our room.  Being my OCD self I immediately start unpacking. After I finished my stuff, I grabbed C’s backpack and was about to start unpacking his! ***ding, ding, ding – SIGN #3 he says, “no I got it. I don’t want you to have to do that baby” & normally he wouldn’t care.. but I just thought, “wow – he’s being sweet and doesn’t want me to have to do all his work too” at this point I still have no clue he is going to propose

4:30 PM- we go to book excursions.. being a girl, a planner, and super curious all the time I am thinking in my head, “ok.. wonder if he would propose on any of these excursions?”

5:30 PM- we head back to the room.. I said, “well we have some time to kill, want to go shoot a blog post before dinner” he said, “sure!”  I asked, “do you like this olive romper or maroon dress better? or can I go causal? what are you wearing?”  this is so normal because we always bounce our clothes ideas off each other.. if I wear Nike sweats, he wears Nike sweats.. If I am fixed up, he likes to get fixed up.. it’s like our thing.. when we bum, we bum! when we clean up, we clean up!  so.. he responds, “no let’s look nice tonight” ***ding, ding, ding – SIGN #4 – C wants to get cleaned up!! I just throw on the romper and we head to the deck to shoot some pics!

6:15 PM- finish up the blog post and head back in, he says, “wow, T, your hair is looking like a hot mess” ***ding, ding, ding – SIGN #5 – “are you going to recurl it?” he asked me… ya, right.. no way I am recurling my hair.. still am not catching the hints here…

6:45 PM – “ok, come on, let’s just go on to dinner. I am hungry. maybe they can seat us early!” I say..  “No Torunn.. they may be busy.. let’s just wait a couple more minutes” *** ding, ding, ding – SIGN #6 – he obviously had a timeline with the proposal, reservation, and photographer!! that’s why he wanted to stick to the time frame!!

7:00 PM – sit down at dinner and C says, “let’s get a bottle of wine”  followed by, “you should’ve set on this side. the view of the sunset is so spectacular” (which it’s a good thing I didn’t because I would’ve seen the photographer walk in) *** ding, ding, ding – SIGN #7 – order a bottle of wine when we have the free drink package???? hmmm… I’m not opposed though… so we order my favorite kind, which is kind of hard to find, Albarino!!  &&& sit with the prettiest view ever!!! 😉

7:30 PM- the best meal I may have ever had arrives, lobster and pasta!!! literally my two favorite things.. and I start to notice C is acting weird.. I didn’t think too much of it though because I am the talker in the relationship & I spent all of dinner talking about random stuff.. but I kinda said, “you’re being weird tonight”  he totally blew it off… then I catch him looking at his watch! *** ding, ding, ding – SIGN #8-   HeLLO! we are on a cruise, where do we have to be!? time isn’t a thing rn……. but I still didn’t get catch on! & he’s just anticipating 8 PM when he’s going to pop the question and the photographer jumps out

8:00 PM – we finish up, look at the dessert menu, and he says, “take a pic with me?”  okkkkkk this is the biggest *ding, ding, ding of them all!!!!! – SIGN #9 – C never asks to takes pictures!!! that’s me. always me!!!!!!!!  I immediately respond, “what!? you never want to take a picture?  like do you want to stand up or stay sitting down? what’s gotten into you!?”  in all honesty, it still hadn’t even occurred to me that he might be popping the question.. like I genuinely thought it was coming later on the cruise if it came at all.  so… I stand up, take the picture with him. go to reach for my phone, turn around…… &&&& OMGGGGGG there is my handsome boyfriend, on one knee, shaking, and looking up at me with his big brown eyes…. ekkkkkk!!! I’m shocked. ok.. literally in shock…. let’s look at the pics before we continue the story!!

9632_James (3 of 10) 9632_James (2 of 10) 9632_James (1 of 10) 9632_James (4 of 10) 9632_James (6 of 10) IMG_6555 9632_James (5 of 10) 9632_James (7 of 10) 9632_James (8 of 10) 9632_James (9 of 10) 9632_James (10 of 10)

my thoughts– I am in tears.. I can’t stop crying.. Idk what he even said to me.. Idk what is happening.. omg.. did I answer him!? (I said, “of course” btw) ahhh.. he can’t get the ring on my finger.. I am so tense.. I am shaking.. people are clapping.. flashes are going off!!!!!! OKKK!!! what just happened!??

yeah…. on August 13th, 2016 the man of my dreams asked me to marry him & it will forever be one of the best days of my life!!!

8:15 PM – 3 AM – we called people, we laughed together, we cried, we ordered everything on the room service menu, I didn’t take my eyes off the ring, and we officially started a new chapter in our lives!!!

4 AM – I fell asleep for an hour

5 AM – woke up to my fiancé, feeling high on love, thanking God, and celebrating with endless messages!!!!!!!!

what a day, what a day!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still in a shocked state of mind & trying to wrap my head around it all! from here we are still deciding on future plans, discussing wedding dates & venues, & ready to be reunited with our little Oslo!

Cheers to love & my happily ever after!!!!


Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have sharing it!! xoxoxo, T

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  1. Liz

    August 27, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    What a beautiful blog!!! I am so happy for you and Clint. I have been friends with Stacy since we were 5 years old.
    God Bless you both!

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