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Casual Canadian Style

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my favorite thing about this look is the scarf!!  oh & the shoes.. let’s not forget about the shoes 😉

I wore this to explore Victoria, Canada on our cruise and it was the perfect casual, street roaming style! The scarf is a thin material, easy to take on & off (depending on the temp), & it has the cutest tassel ends!! I actually snagged it from Target right before we left because I knew it would be a great accessory to wear if it was chilly outside & it goes with everything!

The shoes are also some of my new favorites! I have been wearing them with activewear leggings, jeans, and shorts! They are lots of similar styles and colors out there, so i suggest shopping around & investing in a pair! when sandal season is out you will want these!!!

& as I mentioned earlier, this was my Victoria, Canada outfit! I just have to point out that this city was so great! C & I definitely want to go back at some point! I think I read a stat about how they have the most restaurants per capita or proximity… (something along those lines).. which we definitely noticed this trend! They had some great shopping areas, nice food choices, and wonderful views!! Cities on the water are my favorite & this would be a great vacation option!!!! 😉  and if you need any more recommendations lmk! Have a great day!

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