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how to wear a dress in the winter!

Dresses & Rompers are my favorite thing to wear! (ever since I started this blog I think I have been saying that) Which means when it gets cold I have to improvise! Anyone who is close to me knows how I really feel about the cold.. but how I feel & how my body handles it is two totally different things!!!

  1. There’s just something about cold weather that makes my heart & soul happy. Like when the leaves change, the sun gets farther away, & rain turns to snow.. you kinda think oh it’s dreary, gloomy, and sad. Nope, not me! Winter is my favorite because you can stay in, spend quality time with the ones you love, sit by the fireplace (in my case keep my feet posted up in front of a heater), sip on tea, & try to stay warm. Inside is where the magic happens! Kinda like beauty.. It’s what’s on the inside that really counts!
  2. My body hates the cold. The moment I step foot in any weather below 45 degrees I immediately get goose bumps!

For those reasons I turn to fashion to 1. keep me warm on the inside & outside (inside because I love clothes, styling, and fashion — outside, because literally.. it’s freezing out) 2. I have to stay bundled up!

so for all my dress loving gals out there, here’s what you do: wear a thick, chunky, wool scarf, throw on some over the knee boots, and try to not think about how cold it really is! &&& walahh, you have yourself a dress IN THA WINTA!!

I snagged this dress with intentions on wearing it in the fall or spring, but I never got around to styling it.  However, it’s so comfy & I wanted to wear it last weekend.. so… out came the leopard scarf, Steve Madden OTK boots, fur purse, sunglasses, & I was ready for my day!!

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