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I recently received this package, from Julep Beauty, in the mail! I tried them all out for the first time the other day and I am already loving these products! The charcoal sponge might be my favorite!

K-Beauty Deal Cleansing Duo

The cleansing duo is a night time routine. First you remove your makeup with the Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil. Next you use the Detoxifying Cleansing Stick! Below are some major reasons why I love both of these products.

Hydrating Cleansing Oil
  • The hydrating oil is used to dissolve makeup, dirt, and impurities.
  • It’s known as a ‘makeup dissolving’ deep cleanser.
  • The lightweight, antioxidant-rich oil is blended together to melt away makeup without stripping your skin.
  • To use this product you pump the oil onto your hands and massage over your dry face.
  • 91% reported softer, hydrated skin after one use
  • 94% reported no oily residue
Detoxifying Cleansing Stick
  • This product works to give your skin a deep cleanse, with rice bran oil.
  • The blended natural oils soothe your skin, while also deep cleansing it.
  • The cleansing stick gently exfoliates from pomegranate enzymes. Use by applying cleanser to wet hands and massaging over wet face.
  • For a luxurious lather use this product with the Konjac Cleansing Sponge.
Charcoal Konjac Sponge
  • Konjac roots helps exfoliate your skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation which helps with cell turnover
  • Bamboo charcoal powder really cleans your pores out
  • Can easily store it in your shower and bath (suction cup included)

Matte Lip Mousse
  • Color- Amore
  • This procured is super-pigmented and created with a weightless formula.
  • The lip mousse is antioxidant rich with power cell complex.
Long Lasting Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner that stays put for 10+ hours!
  • Love how easily it is to apply
Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick
  • Waterproof formula so it doesn’t crease
  • Rich color that easily glides on
  • Doesn’t bunch together

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