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Luxury Scent Box

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Luxury Scent Box is a company that allows you to “explore your senses, one fragrance at a time”.

To all y’all more about it, t’s a monthly subscription to a variety of authentic designer fragrances. You start off by discovering what types of scents you might like by being paired with a fragrance specialist that will help match you to your preferences. From there you can create a profile, take a short survey, and receive all your recommendations. Each month you can add scents to your calendar and create a timeline for receiving which ones you want. Then, for $15 you recieve .30 fl oz. of a luxurious smell, in a travel size case. Personally, I love these fragrance bottles because they are small. Makes them great for traveling, to keep in your bag, or throw in your car. I have mine scattered everyone. My apartment, my parent’s house, my car, in purses. You never know when you might need a spritz to freshen you up!

Another great thing about this box is that it allows you to test out a variety of fragrances. I’m super picky when it comes to my perfumes. I have a sensitive sense of smell, so the littlest aroma can give me a headache. When I was asked which types I was drawn to I knew exactly how to describe my preferences. Now they send me ones tailored to my wants and I get to see which ones I really like. When I find a favorite, I keep it in mind, yet I still keep testing others as well.

For $15 a month I say give it a go! I have a feeling y’all are going to love trying out all the designer fragrances as much as I Do!


You can also sign up for the Luxury Scent Box “Extras”:

  • Choose any fragrance during the month
  • $18 each
  • Includes Case (love my black velvet case. I never have to worry about it leaking out)
  • Free Shipping (ships wishing 1-3 business days after your order is placed)

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