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5 Tips To Get Your Morning Started

Sweatshirt  |  Shorts  |  Shoes  |  Glasses

Happy Friday!!! I’m off to Nashville to meet some of my blogger babes for a fun weekend! Since I knew I had to be up early and my sleep schedule is thrown off from India, I kinda wanted to regroup my morning routine and share it with you all! Here’s some tips, thoughts, and suggestions (for you & for me!)

  • I know I should get better about setting an alarm and getting on a set sleeping schedule, but while C is still in college classes it’s almost impossible. Sleep comes and goes. The one thing that stays constant is.. I roll over, check the time, and open the notifications on my phone.  I’ve read studies about how you shouldn’t start your morning on social media or checking emails. Let’s be realistic though, half of my job takes place on my phone. I joke about it, but it’s my lifeline. After a quick glimpse at my phone, I click publish on my blog post. You’ve probably noticed some mornings they may go live at 6 A.M., majority of them go live around 9 A.M.
  • Stop and look at the roses (or whatever flowers I have in my vase). When I look at fresh blooms I tell myself it’s a new day, with new beginnings. Appreciate what I have and count my blessings!
  • Drink a glass of tea or ice water, with a squeezed lemon wedge. I read everywhere lemon water is suppose to help your metabolism. I guess I still believe that 😉
  • Read a bible verse or daily devotion. I have an app on my phone that I like to use. I also keep a couple books on my nightstand and in my office.
  • Plan out my day… In my head or on a post it note I like to set my goals and to-do-list. Each time I get to check one off I really like it!

Let me know what else you all like to do to get your morning routine started!!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, T


  1. Brittany S

    August 11, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    Now I need those shoes! Such a cute outfit – and great tips. Mornings can be so hard!

  2. Tabitha

    August 14, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    These are great tips! As a very non-morning person, I often need tips on how to get out. Tea helps me out a lot, and putting a cold spoon from the freezer on my eyes really wakes me up.


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