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My Trip to The Ellen Show!

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(excuse some of the blurry photos! I just wanted to throw them in there for y’all to see!)

My aunt and cousin somehow lucked out and both got tickets for the Ellen Show, on the same day! From what I’ve heard it’s extremely hard to get your hands on tickets. Typically people will go and wait on standby hoping they get in. My cousin, Kate, got online one night and it said tickets avaialbe. Her and her mom ended up calling and going through a long process to get these tickets. They got approved and each had 4 tickets a piece! That’s when they asked us if my mom and I would want to go!  Originally, I wasn’t planning on going to L.A.  Things have been so crazy lately I just didn’t know if I wanted to take another long trip. So my dad and mom said they would gladly take the tickets and they would go!  Up until last Wednesday it was just them going.  Then my brother called and said he wanted to go to L.A. and I should come too.  We booked our tickets and made it a family trip! Couldn’t tell you the last time the 4 of us (my mom, dad, brother, and I) just went on a trip.  So this was great!

My dad gave up his Ellen ticket so my mom and I could go together! We woke up Monday morning, got ready, and headed out to Warner Bros. Studio.  It was about a 45 minute drive from Santa Monica and the whole car ride up there we were worried we were going to be late. From everything we read it said, “get there early.” “Be at the front of the line.”  Right at 11 A.M. we checked in, got our stamps, and then went to grab lunch. We were told to report back at 1:30 and from there we would start entering the studio. This is when we hopped in line and luckily got in the very front. Our group had #’s 7-14. Which means we got to go in pretty early. As we walked in to be seated my cousin and I asked if we could sit in the front row. I think since we were some of the first ones in there they happily said yes! and just like that, we had the best seats in the house.

The episode we attended aired yesterday. The special guests were Heidi Klum, Billy & Emily England (roller skaters from America’s Got Talent), TunDe Hector and Chris Wright (they had an act of kindness story), and Billie Lourde (American Horror Story).  Throughout the show I kept thinking to myself, “This is so surreal. I can’t believe I’m witnessing this.”  But at the same time all the guests seemed so real and genuine. It was like they are normal people too!

This experience was definitely one for the Bucketlist and I’m thankful I got to check it off!  It’s not everyday you get to go watch Ellen Degeneres. So happy I booked that last minute ticket out to L.A.  It was a wonderful show and trip, along with some good quality time with my fam!

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  1. Tabitha

    September 13, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    How fun! I would love to experience such a surreal moment being at the Ellen Show. I can only imagine how fun and memorable it was being there and experiencing it all! Super jealous!


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