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The Gibson Collective Bracelet Stack

Today’s Post is c/o The Gibson Collective

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“The more the merrier!”  We’ve all heard that quote, right? When it comes to these gorgeous stacked bracelets it definitely holds true. These beaded beauties are known for wearing a couple on your wrist at one time!  Or as the company defines it, stackage: an assortment of baubles neatly arranged to complement one another and to create an unforgettable fashion statement!

 The Gibson Collective is a lifestyle brand of meaningful and powerful jewelry, that’s designed to be as durable and resilient as you are! All their bracelets are authenticated and made from 14k gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. In other words, the beads won’t fade over time or change colors! Big win in my book! I know I’ve ran into some instances where my jewelry turns green or rubs off on my skin. That’s not any fun.. With these you won’t have to worry about that!  You definitely get what you pay for.

 After browsing their collection, I ended up going with the 3 stack set and added an extra 5 mm for some more detail. I already have so much gold jewelry I figured it was time I added some silver in there! Very glad I went with this option! As soon as I opened my package I said to myself, “I’m going to be wearing these bracelets with everything!” Both dressy outfits and casual outfits! I think the beads make a perfect statement to your wardrobe. They add the accessory touch to your outfit but don’t overpower it!

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