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Oslo Turns 3 (or 21)!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since Oslo Bleu was born! I remember the day just like it was yesterday…
Clint gave Oslo to me as an anniversary gift for our 1 year.  He had wrapped up a voucher and told me I got to pick the pup I wanted.  Shortly after, we got on the waitlist at Hale’s Labradoodles. We got news about Oslo’s litter in September and we immediately started counting down the days. Then, in the middle of the night (aka early early morning), on October 24th, Oslo was born! We woke up to the email (well I woke up to the email and ran to wake up Clint) announcing there were 4 pups in Oslo’s litter. 1 girl and 3 boys! We just happened to be in Stillwater, OK that weekend, for Hoops & Homecoming, so we got to celebrate with my entire family. (And Oslo’s cousin Teddy! he is from the same breeder — they also got another one, Charlie, after Oslo!)

From there the rest is kind of history.  Oslo came into our lives and nothing has really ever been the same! I never knew I could love something so much, until him.  From his early puppy days to 3 years old, he has filled our lives with so much love, joy, and happiness. I realize I probably sound like one of those totally, obsessed dog moms right now, but that’s okay because I definitely am!

Today we might celebrate with a trip to the Lexington arboretum or Pet’s Mart! & for breakfast I’m giving him the rest of his birthday bones!  ^ I told C he really needs a bath after being out in all the rain yesterday & he said, “that’s not a very good birthday present.” so that might have to wait!

Hope you all enjoy these pics as much as Oslo does his toys, pupucinos, & sleeping! Oh & his bandana is the one he wore on my 21st birthday! Figured we might as well get double use out of it since he’s finally legal (inserting laughing emoji lol)!

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  1. Cassie McCandless

    October 24, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    Aw your puppy is just too cute! Sounds like such a fun birthday!

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