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Holiday Gift Guide with!

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Now that Halloween is over I feel like I am seeing Christmas everywhere I turn. Christmas music, christmas advertisements, Christmas home decor, Christmas attire, & etc. Is that how it’s always been?  Our minds just skip Thanksgiving and move right on to December 25th. I never remember time/holidays passing this quickly. Then again, as I get older I feel like life moves in fast forward mode.

If you are like me, then you like to start your holiday shopping early! If you get it all out of the way early, then Christmas itself is a little more enjoyable. They past 2 years my mom has been ordering from Amazon on December 23rd & 24th.. talk about crazy and hectic… yeah told her we are NOT doing that this year!  We’ll see how well that turns out 😉

So in other words I’m hopping on that early bird holiday celebration train & sharing some gift inspiration!
All these goodies are super cute, affordable, and sure to put a smile on a gals face! You could group some of them together and make a huge gift basket or use some of the smaller items for stocking stuffers. Either way they are all so fun!!

Many of these items are things that I would probably never buy for myself, but would love getting!  Cups, keychains, fun tees… those are the products I would like to have but never budget for. I feel like many of y’all can relate! Now you just gotta start adding them to your Christmas shopping list or wishlist!

Let the countdown (til Christmas) begin!! Happy Saturday loves! Enjoy your day!

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