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New York City Travel Guide!

My family and I have had our New York trip on the schedule for about three months now! Meaning, my mom has had a NYC bucket list going for about two (haha).  Which actually isn’t a bad thing to have!  Better you come with a plan, then get here & be overwhelmed with all the options. I’m sharing some fun things y’all might want to check out in this post!

So, we’re actually in NYC for the St. Louis Billikens basketball tournament.  My uncle is the head coach there and my brother is an assistant. Hence, why I’m wearing blue in a lot of pictures!  We would get dressed for the day and head to out explore!  Luckily, I’ve had some cute outfits that incorporate their color 😉  This post I’m wearing an old tunic from Red Dress, these spanx, and OTK Boots!

As a family, we were in New York, about 6 years ago for a basketball tournament.  Now, we’re back and checking some new things off our bucket list. Since we’ve been here a couple times (especially my brother & I), we’ve had the opportunity to see and do a lot.

Here are some of my top recommendations for when you come:

  • City Bus Tour- we once took a tour and it was great introduction to the city! If you just want to become familiar with the area and some history I definitely suggest this! You can hop on these in Times Square
  • The Highline- This is a great place to walk and see some amazing views!
  • Central Park- one of my favorite places!!  It’s like you’re in another bubble, yet still surrounded by the city!
  • Empire State Building- this is a given 😉
  • Times Square- another given 😉
  • Statue of Liberty- If you’re really looking to get close to I suggest taking a bus tour out to see it & Ellis Island.
  • 9/11 Memorial- last time I came with my family it was being built. Then my girls & I came in college and got to see it right after it was finished.
  • Chelsea Market- this is a food and shopping mall, near the highline!  It’s a neat place to explore.

Keep scrolling to see some more restaurant recommendations & sights!


Located right off Times Square, Johns Pizzeria is a great spot to eat! It’s known as one of the unique pizzerias in the world! We ordered their garlic rolls, bruschetta, and margherita pizza. I absolutely loved it!!!

Cookie Do is probably my favorite place of all time!!!! I have such a sweet tooth, so this was right up my alley!!!!! It’s located near Soho, so if you’re going to that area to shop you must stop by this place!  My mom tried the commando (original cookie dough) and I got the Confetti Cookie Dough! Seriously, so so good!

From games to concerts, I feel like there’s always something going on at Madison Square Garden.  If you know when you’re coming check out their schedule!

I’ve seen so many Cakes by Melissa scattered across the city! They have these tiny cupcakes that are absolutely delicious! I like them because they weren’t too big and it was just enough to satisfy you!

Drinks & appetizers at Harry’s!  This was a restaurant we stopped in right after we left Madison Square Garden.  If you’re around that area and needing a place to grab a bite to eat, give this a try!

Times Square is a must!!! And while you’re there, check out a broadway show!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see one on this trip, but I have in the past!  They are always amazing!

Hotel recommendation- Innside by Melia! It’s kind of in the middle of everything! It was a couple blocks to Madison Square Garden, then a couple more to Times Square. We always walked down to Chelsea Market from our place and it wasn’t too bad.  The hotel itself is very nice! Great rooms, service, and environment!

Last but not least, The Sugar Factory!  (not pictured is my huge drink, the rainbow burgers, and rubber duckies!)  We loved this place so much we wanted to go back a 2nd time! Let me just say, their milkshakes are insane!!!!

Hope this short list gives you guys an idea on what to see, where to go, and places to eat!  If you need anymore recommendations or have any questions, just send them my way!

Happy Saturday! & Happy traveling!

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  1. Shannon K

    November 27, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    My mom and I are going to NYC next week and I can’t wait to try some of these recommendations! Thanks so much!

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