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Sweater & Spanx!

Sweater Red Dress Boutique  Leggings SPANX

Today is a big day for me!!! Not, gonna tell y’all why, but you’ll just have to wait and see!! I’ll probably share some peeks on snap and insta — so stay tuned!! I’m very, very excited to say the least!!!!!

Continuing on to these outfits, I first have to tell y’all that this post originally only consisted of one look.  Then I remember I had pics from my Thanksgiving outfit that I never shared with you all and figured I should include them as well! If you didn’t notice, I really love a spanx, sweater combo!  I’d probably wear it everyday if I could!

One of my main pieces of advice for all you ladies out there is BUY SPANX! Seriously.. they are the greatest purchase ever!  I wore the bronze ones to my family & C’s family Thanksgiving where all the women were like we must have those!!!!  When I wore my black ones to Christmas, they all had some matching ones on!  I easily convinced my family (and C’s) they are the best! So take my word for it and go get yourself a pair!

After that, grab a couple pairs sweaters or tunics! They are great to throw with your spanx!  The two sweaters featured in this post are probably my favorite!  They are soft, lengthy, and cute!

To sum this whole post up:

  1. Watch my Instagram & Snapchat Today
  2. Buy Spanx
  3. Invest in some Spanx
  4. Get a new sweater or tunic

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  1. Tabitha

    December 28, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Love both these outfits! I’ve never tried spanx but they look beautiful on, especially with that large sweater.


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