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Wedding Registry @williamssonoma

Just the words, “Wedding Registry” overwhelmed me… I was stuck in this mind set of where do I even begin.. Then my mom said, “oh this will be so easy. It’s just like your shopping.”  Funny thing is, she was right.. like always! Mom’s know best..

I thought, “shopping I can do shopping.” The hardest part has been deciding on where we want to register, what items we need/want the most, and what are registry pieces that people will enjoy getting us. I started with asking y’all in an Instagram post caption and all the responses were so helpful. From places we should register, online vs. in store, what items couples use most, what they don’t use, and etc.

I’m one of those people that like to visual see things before I get them.  I’ve gotten use to seeing clothes online and just ordering them, but when it comes to housewares, serve ware, linens, electrics, and bakeware, I want to see it all. That’s what made my first registry choice easy, Williams Sonoma.

Here’s a list of some of the things we registered for and why:

  • Cooking Pans & Cupcake Tins– My aunt recommends these pans every time I go to her house!  She honestly says they are BEST!!!
  • CLAD d5 Sautee & Saucepans, Skillets, and bowls- I’ve needed new skillets and stove top pans for years now… these are what I’m looking forward to most! bring on the pans and bring on the cooking!
  • Food Scale– Can’t believe I don’t already have one of these.. there’s been times I go to weigh out my nuts, fruits, or cooking ingredients and I can’t. Surely having a new scale will help in this department.
  • Cooking Utensils– I actually didn’t realize how expensive some of these utensils can be. From pasta tongs, turners, and spatulas.
  • Garlic Presser– I almost bought one of these a couple months back but figured I should wait and register for it!  I’m so ready to chop fresh garlic and throw it in the skillet.

We registered at the Williams & Sonoma in Lexington. Their staff was beyond helpful when it came to helping us set up our registry and how to scan the items. When we had questions or needed some extra opinions, they were right there!  As we finished up they gave me a folder with a checklist, magazine, and print out of what’s on registry. They gave C a set of glasses!!  That alone made the experience even better!  They made us and our day so special, inside their store!  Highly recommend registering with them if you get a chance!

On another note, I know there’s so many items we are missing and still need to register for but this is a pretty good start! I’m trying to take it slow and enjoy this entire wedding season.. If I could register over the next month or two, spread it out, and figure out what we really want/need, then I’ll be good to go! People keep saying, “slow down, take it all in” and I’m really try to use that advice! I’ll only do this once, so I want to soak up every minute of it!

Stay Tuned for some more registry posts!

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