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Cycling Q & A

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Last year, my brother introduced me to Soul Cycle in L.A. Ever since then I’ve taken up cycling both indoor and outdoor!  I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to complete a triathlon within the next year or two. I was hoping to complete it this year, but with our move, and the wedding, my life has been insane. Also, improper eating and lack of training has left me unprepared for the one I originally was scheduled for.. not letting that stop me though! After the wedding I’m kicking in gear and completing one!  In order to train for that I wanted to take my cycling outside and really prepare. Lately, I’ve just been going on some enjoy rides and posted them on my Instastory.. From that I got a couple requests for a bike post! So I’m keeping this short and simple and answering some questions I got from my followers!

What type of bicycle do you have? 

  • Giant Bike– Clint got me this one for Christmas!  Before he buys me anything he likes to do his research! In his opinion, this bike was best suited for me. He thought it would make for a great outdoor, road bicycle, and help me train!

Do you cycle inside?

  • Up until about 2 months ago I would cycle almost every single day, at CycleBar.  I was addicted!! Now, I’m hoping to invest in a Spinning Bike or a Peloton Indoor Bike, to keep in the work out room upstairs. It would be so convenient to have one to ride when I  wanted to, in the comfort of our home. (Especially since I’m missing CycleBar soooo much!)

How often do you train/ride? 

  • To be honest, not enough! The temps have really put a strain on outdoor riding. Not to mention my life is a whirlwind of moving, unpacking, getting a new pup, planning a wedding, bridal showers, and more.. Hoping this fall and next spring I’ll revamp my training and get a scheduled routine.

What bike accessories do you recommend?

  • Helmet- Any helmet will do! Just make sure it fits correctly. Usually if you go into a bike shop they can get you fitted for one.
  • Light- I’m linking a light that is very similar to mine, below! Always recommend using one for extra caution.
  • Garmin- This little gadget makes my rides so much more enjoyable, easier, and productive! It’s got multiple features that allow you to track your rides and GPS your route! This is great to keep record of where you have been and where you are going!
  • Bike Stand- I’m needing to get one of these ASAP!  Right now my bike just leans up against the garage wall.
  • Bike Rack- Thinking my next purchase might be a bike rack for my car! Since we live out in a neighborhood I like riding it around there.. but there’s been so many times I’ve wanted to hit some trails or paths and can’t because my bike won’t fit in my mini SUV… Also, I’m really wanting Clint to get a bike so we can go ridge together! Then we’ll definitely need a car rack, for 2!

If you all have any tips or suggestions for training or cycling I would love to hear them! Just send me an email at

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