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Most Asked ‘Blog’ Questions & Answers

Why did you start a blog?

  • It was actually kind of random… My brother texted me one day and said, “you should start a blog.” I  thought about it for a week, then took a leap of faith! Now, here I am today, still blogging, and absolutely loving it!

What’s the best tip you could give someone if they were wanting to start a blog/ have already started a blog?

  • Stay Consistent! Like anything in life, the beginning is always tough! I can’t tell you how many times I    considered giving up, but then I’d think about why I started my blog in the first place.  It’s easy to start comparing yourself to others and their blogs. I  can tell you right now, the moment you start doing that, you’ll lose all originality. Just stay true to yourself and enjoy what you’re doing.

Why did you choose WordPress as your platform?

  • I started my blog on Weebly and it took me 1/2 a year to realize that was the biggest mistake ever! WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms in my opinion! It’s user friendly and is great for importing your own themes.

Where can I choose a blog theme?

  • I got my lost two blog themes off Creative Market.

How do I reach out to brands? Do brands reach out to me?

  • Over time, brands will slowly start reaching out to you. Make sure your email address is visible and easily accessible. If you’re new to blogging and wanting to reach out to brands, I suggest creating  media kit. From there you can email it to their customer service or even DM them on Instagram.

What’s one beauty item you can’t live without? 

  • That’s a tough one.. I was originally going to say MAC Lipstick but I could live without that… so maybe Shampoo? or Lotion? There’s so many beauty products that I love and don’t want to live without! What would yours be?

What camera accessories do you use? 

  • My favorite camera accessories are lens!  If you don’t have a 50mm one, get one! Its my fav!

What do you use to edit your photos? 

  • Lightroom and the Photos app on my MACBook!  I’ve heard a lot bloggers use VSCO too!

How do you run so much? 

  • Lol.. I wish I had a top secret answer I could give you all, but I don’t… Starting about 3 years ago I got super into working out! Over time I slowly just kept adding distance to my runs.. now it’s starting to pay off!


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