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Partake in Paducah Introduction

If you’ve been an avid follower of mine, then you probably know that I moved this past spring. Clint and I decided to plant our roots in his hometown, Paducah, Kentucky. I’ve slowly shared bits and pieces of our move with you all, but I haven’t fully opened up and spoke the words of my heart. As this chapter of my life has fully opened, I figured I would start from the beginning..

I was born and raised in a small town. I know better than anyone what small town life is like versus the city life. When I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to take off. High school was rough for me at times and I wanted nothing more than a fresh start. So I decided going to Georgia Tech was best suited for me. At the time it was scary moving to Atlanta, not knowing anyone, or anything. However, looking back it was the best decision I’ve ever made!!!
But because I got so use to the city and that lifestyle, I never wanted to leave.

Clint proposed in August of 2016 and I graduated in December 2016. That entire fall we kept discussing our options and what was going to be best for our future. We both knew it was moving back to his hometown. His job was going to be there, his family was close, my parents would be an hour and a half away…. it made sense. Go back to our roots, get married, start a family.

I’m not really sure if we had a defining moment where we were like, “yeah let’s do it. Let’s move to Paducah.” To be honest, I was completely against it. I didn’t want to move… I’ll never forget the day of graduation, us packing my boxes. My best friends, Rachel and Diego, were there helping me, along with my family and Clint. I remember getting overwhelmed and upset, so I just told them to leave it all. “I would do it! I would do everything.” Is what I said. (If you know me, then you know I’m very OCD and particular. I like things done my way). So they finished their loads and left me to it. I had about an hour in my apartment before I said my goodbyes. After Clint and I carried out that last box, we went and sat in my room..  Our backs against the wall, legs out, side by side… I sat there and cried. and cried. and cried some more (shoot, I’m crying right now typing this.)  I remember this feeling of, “Is my life ending? Where do I go from here?”

Atlanta meant so much to me. More than I could ever say. I feel like I really started my life there. College, my best friends, my job, my blog, my modeling.. It was all there. How was I suppose to leave it all behind and start over again? (But I did… And it was all for Clint.. Sometimes love makes you do crazy things.. Am I right!?)

Driving out of the city, on that cold December night, I looked out and the window and didn’t know when I would be coming back.. didn’t know where I was going.. or what I was doing. Do I keep blogging? Do I look for a biomedical engineering job in Kentucky? When are we getting married? It was question, after question, after question.

But like most days, you get up and you do the best you can do.. Spring of 2017 I competed in Miss Kentucky, then decided to move to Lexington to be with C. The summer of 2017 I was so lost… words can’t even begin to describe it. There were some painful nights where loneliness crept in and I just thought, “what in the hell have I done?” (excuse my language).  Slowly over time, God got me through it all… I convinced myself this what you do for love. you make sacrifices… Mine was moving… moving from the place I learned to call home…

Anyways, fall of 2017 rolled around and Lexington slowly started becoming home. I actually fell in love with the city!
Then BOOM….. Winter of 2018 another move started to creep up on us. Clint would be graduating in a couple months and his job was going to take us on our next adventure…

Which leads us to today!!  We bought a house, packed up, and I moved for the 3rd time…
I had a lot of emotions about this move as well. How do I start over again? Where will I meet my friends? What am I going to do in Paducah? Am I going to like the small town vibe? What will I do without Cyclebar? (lol) Should I keep blogging? Will there ever be a Target? (girl probs).. I struggled with it all.. And still do sometimes. I look at my life in a city and see one thing, then I look at my life now and it’s completely different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for who I am, what I have, and for finding love!!

Luckily, I’ve settled in a city, that’s opened it’s arms up to me! The first month I was here I met so many new faces, visited places around the city, and started collaborating with locals who welcomed me! For this, I’m beyond thankful!!!! Today, I’m sharing the start of a mini series that I’m going to be doing with my new hometown. (that still feels weird to say- hometown). I’m beyond excited!!! I’ve been looking forward to this and sharing it with you all, because it means the world to me! I’m in my forever home, exploring, and I can’t wait for you all to come along with me!
Let’s go see what the City of Paducah has, through the lens of fashion, style, and fun!

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  1. Taylor

    July 6, 2018 at 12:54 am

    Love this. I felt the same way leaving my small Georgia town to move to Connecticut. ❤️ Great blog. Glad you are doing well

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