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Kate Spade Smartwatch


One of my guilty obsessions is watches… I own way too many of them!
However, this new Kate Spade is a one of a kind in my accessory closet!  And I’m absolutely in love with it!!

Over the past two years I’ve really considered getting a smartwatch. There’s been a couple occasions that I almost pulled the triggered then I figured it should wait and save the money. Then I’ll see one of my friends wearing their Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin, and I’m like okay, I need one of those!!

Today, I’m introducing you to the KS touchscreen watch!
It’s user friendly, stylish, comfortable, and reliable! It’s powered by a rechargeable battery and runs through the Wear OS app! As soon as I unboxed mine, I downloaded the app, and followed the instructions to set up my watch! It was very straight forward and in little time my watch was dinging with notifications!

The greatest thing about smartwatches is that you can get your texts, emails, calls, right on your wrist, at any time! So now when I’m in a meeting, on the phone, or working out, I just glance down and see what my phone is receiving.  Personally, I really like it because if there’s an emergency or something I need to take care of quick, I can go straight to my phone and answer from it. My watch just acts as a notification interface if I don’t have my phone or computer on me!  Another great feature that I use a lot is the iFit icon! This helps track my steps throughout the day and measures my daily goals! If you don’t own a fitbit or something that tracks your activity level I definitely suggest investing in a smartwatch! It not only serves as a watch, app store, email portal, and notification alarm, it’s a fitness tracker that keeps you motivated! I’ll be the first to tell you, I can’t live without a step counter on my wrist! Whether it’s my fitbit or this new watch, I look at it everyday and see how much I moved! Definitely a game changer in the physical health world!

There’s also some other similar watches that I’m linking below! I picked out the black silicone band one because I    needed a sporty, everyday watch! This was the best one to pair with my workout clothes in the day and my casual jean outfits at night!


Hey gals, what time is it!? It’s smartwatch time 😉  (I know.. my funny puns aren’t too funny lol)

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