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Book Review & My New Glasses!

Today’s post features two Karen Kingsbury novels and my favorite pair of eye glasses c/o EyeBuy Direct.
Hope you all enjoy!! Happy Friday!!


I find that I do my best reading when I’m on vacation. I  can start a book on a plane and finish it by the time we land, or a day/two into our trip.  I guess it’s because it’s the only time I really allow myself to indulge in the pages and enjoy it from start to finish.  When I’m home and reading, my mind never shuts off. I feel like I should be doing a million other things rather than getting wrapped up in a novel? Do you all feel like that too?

Since I had back to back trips I finished one Karen Kingsbury book that I really loved and I’m reading a 2nd one right now!  They are both sooo good, so I wanted to share them with you all in case some of you are looking for recommendations.

I’ve been reading Karen Kingsbury since the 8th grade! I’ll never forget finishing my first book by her, ‘One Tuesday Morning,’ on the way to Orlando! Still to this day it’s one of my all time favorites! Ever since then I’ve been hooked! I    try to keep up with her new releases and read them right when they come out. Since college, I’ve been a little behind, but I’m going to catch up!

I just finished ‘Brush of Wings‘. It’s one of those old fashion, feel good love stories! I started reading it on the plane to L.A. and nearly finished it on one flight! I was so into it I couldn’t put it down! It’s about a girl named, Mary Katherine, who has been given a short amount of time to live. She’s in love with a baseball player but can’t seem to tell him about her illness. Instead, she takes off to Uganda to help teach at an orphanage.  Meanwhile, there’s a group of angels looking over her, watching her, and guiding the people in her life! This novel made me stop and think, “Does God really have wings looking over each and everyone of us?” I think so!!!  If you like novels that bring you closer to love and God’s power, this is definitely one for you! It’s hard for me to go into details about the book without giving away some spoilers.. just know, I recommend it!! 10/10 in my opinion!

NowI ‘m reading ‘To The Moon and Back‘ and I’m about halfway through it! So far, so good! I’ve read some other books, by Kingsbury, that have these characters in them, so I’m familiar with their stories. However, this is a stand alone novel, so you can read it regardless!  Two of the main characters are a little girl (who lost her parents) and her aunt who now raises her. I  love them both which draws me to the storyline! This novel is based around the Oklahoma City bombing. A young man lives a note, every year in the fence, hoping a girl he met years ago will come back and find it…  The little girl goes to visit the memorial and her aunt sees the note. Now they are determined to bring together the young man and the woman intended to find the note! I’m very anxious to see how it plays out and if there’s going to be a love story!!! Cause let’s be honest, who does love a good love story!?

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