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Exploring Pompeii

Currently singing ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille because it got stuck in my head the moment I started this post! Can ya blame me though!?

Our first stop on our cruise was in Naples, Italy.
We decided to take a cab up to Pompeii that morning, and explore the ruins before visiting Naples! One of my good friends, moms, recommend we go there, and I’m so glad she did! If you’re ever in the area, it’s definitely worth checking out! Clint and I both agreed that it was the highlight of our day!
The only regret we have was not going on a tour, with a guide, in the ruins! It’s fairly large and we didn’t get lost just once, we got lost twice! We kept wandering up the hills, down the pebbled paths, through the trees, until we found our way back to where we started.

Not only that, we wish we would’ve had someone to tell us a little bit more about the history of the ruins and specific sites that were there! While they do have some plaques and descriptions up, it would be more beneficial to just book a tour and go for it!

A little history about Pompeii, it’s one of the most significance proofs of the Roman civilization. It was once a thriving Roman city, until the year 79 A.D., when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The ash and volcanic materials buried the city, then in 1599 the first part of Pompeii was unearthed. In 1738 it was properly rediscovered. The ruins attract approximately 2.6 million visitors each year!  Main attraction? I’d say so!! Add it to your bucketlist! Especially if you are a history buff!

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