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Every Breath Book Review

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I finished 2 books on our honeymoon. One of which I loved and the other that left me with mixed emotions.
I told you all I would be doing a book review on the new Nicholas Sparks novel, so here it is! Any guesses on my feelings towards this one?

I pre-ordered this book to make sure I would have it in time for my honeymoon! This is his newest novel, that people have been raving about, and I figured I’d give it a go!  I’m a sucker for a good romance novel or a mystery case…  I have to say though, Sparks novels always leave me feeling some type of way. Is it just me or are some of his books (turned movies) sad?  Some are a magical kind of sad, but others just leave you wanting more. Don’t you all agree?

This book in particular was a very hard read for me. It hit close to home. One of the main characters father is struggling with ALS. A week after we lost my father-in-law due to the same disease, I found myself wondering why I was even entertaining this book? I just got done living with the reality of ALS, why do I want to read about it even more?  Since I    started the book, I had intentions of finishing it, hoping the end would make it all worthwhile…

Overall, minus my emotional conflict, the book was good. It’s based on a man and woman who fall in love within a coupe of days. Shortly after they are both forced to face reality.. Will their romance continue?  Or will they part and go separate ways? This novel is a story of true love, life choices, and how the world can set two a part..

beware though, the end might throw you for a loop.. that’s all I’m saying!

and now I can’t help but wonder.. is this his next big motion picture!?  hmm….

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