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Our 1st Christmas Card

White Sweater | Jeans | Scarf | Boots

Coming to a mailbox near you…. ‘Our 1st Christmas Card’ as ‘The Johnsons’!! I received so many requests for today’s post! Hope y’all enjoy!!

I think it’s funny how as soon as you get married, everything you use to dread as a child, finally becomes fun.. it’s like that quote, “I’m now my mother”… like cleaning the house, cooking meals, taking the dogs out, rolling out the trash.. small chores we hated suddenly become bearable. Probably because we’re all grown up.. and ya know, married!!!!!!! Christmas card photos kind of fall in that same category.. I remember one year when I was in 5th grade my mom told my brother and I to come outside in our cheer/basketball uniforms so we could take a pic for our card. If I can still remember that moment that should tell you how much I hated it. Every year after Thanksgiving my mom started brainstorming card ideas and throwing out pictures we should use. I feel like I was always boycotting them, “my hair looks bad” “ughhh. Look at my smile”.. typical kid comments! 18 years later and look at me now, sending out our own Christmas cards!!!!

On the way back from our honeymoon I started designing our cards! I wanted to get them done early and sent out, that way I wasn’t rushed last minute!! I took one of our wedding pictures, uploaded it to PicMonkey, and designed the front by myself. I uploaded my own design and created the back on Shutterfly! The hardest part was entering all our addresses for the envelopes! I told myself I’ll be thankful that I’m doing this now, so next year it will be even easier!! Having them print off is way less time consuming!!! Not sure how bad I wanted to write out 320 addresses! Haha

Flashback 2 weeks ago, to the pics, and you’ll see Tabitha and I dropping them in the mail!! Not only did I have fun creating our cards, sealing every one, and putting stamps on them.. I had fun dropping them in the mailbox!!! Tis the Season… to be Jolly!!!!! And boy oh boy did I feel jolly sending ours out!!

xoxo, T

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