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About 2 weeks ago I held a survey on my Instagram story. I asked, “Would you all be interested in a post about my favorite cookbooks?” 99% answered yes! So last week I shot the pictures and now it’s time for it to go live! A little brief introduction for today’s post.. I’ve grouped the cookbooks in categories.. my favorites, pasta dishes, holidays/events, personal, and fun ones! I’ve tried a handful of recipes from each book, but it didn’t take long for Clint and I to figure out which books were our favorite! Keep scrolling to check them all out!


  • Pioneer Woman Cooks- Dinnertime is my all time favorite!- If I had to recommend any cookbook, it would be this one! It has a wide variety of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The veggies sides section is one of the best! I make the roasted vinaigrette carrots and green beans quite a bit!! Along with the sides, Clint and I love all the pasta dishes! I recently tried the roasted pepper pasta and chicken/kale pasta! 10/10 recommend! From breakfast for dinner, salad for dinner, frozen food, comfort classics, 16-minute meals, and quick desserts this book offers a ton of recipes! I’ve gifted this book to a few of my friends and they absolutely love it too!
  • Magnolia Table– This book has been quite popular for a while! and now I know why.. Joanna Gaines does it again! Every page in this book offers a tasteful appearance and recipe! I’m a picky eater but it’s almost impossible not to love this cook book because of the variety! From guacamole, party queso deviled eggs, grilled salmon (my fav), bow tie pasta, and chocolate chip cookies there is something for everyone! It’s got a lot of traditional meals that are great for the family!
  • Pioneer Woman Cooks- Come & Get It!– If your life is super busy but still enjoy cooking this is a book for you! Ree Drummond offers meals under 20 minutes and under 40 minutes in this book, along with sections dedicated to bread, sweets, and meatless meals. I love bread almost as much as sweets (& that’s saying a lot) so that section is my favorite. It has recipes for cheesy bread, zucchini bread, and garlic rolls!
  • McCormick Recipe Card Collection– My mom got me this little set for my birthday! She said, I know it’s nothing too special, but actually.. it is!! This is the easiest cookbook I own! You pull out a card from the tin and just get to work! It includes a couple muffin recipes, french toast, hummus, Italian dipping oil, other dips, and dessert recipes!

Pasta Dishes

I’m a huge pasta fan! I’ve never met a pasta cook book that I didn’t like! These are the 2 that I’ve had for a while and definitely recommend!

  • Pasta Tonight– 150 great dinnertime dishes is right! There are some interesting recipes in this pasta cook book that I’ve been meaning to try! Like pappardelle with lemon, baby artichokes, and asparagus, and some international recipes. The manicotti and spinach-and-cheese ravioli, with tomato-basil sauce is to die for! Delicious!
  • Pasta– This book has 300 pages of pasta recipes sauces, and soups! It’s like I can flip open to any page and desire the recipe! It’s very good!! And then when I see the pics I start craving it even more! There’s a linguine with lemon, chile & spinach recipe that I love! We have the philips pasta maker and use it to make homemade noodles sometimes. When we do that I use this cookbook to make our sauces.

p.s.- the pasta maker is so worth the investment ^ fresh noodles have become our favorite!

Holiday & Events
  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks- A Year of Holidays– Bought this book specifically for Thanksgiving! I’m new to cooking for the holidays so when they roll around I break this out! It’s a great one to keep near by!
  • What Can I Bring?– Going somewhere? Need a southern dish? Snag this cook book and try out a recipe! It’s sections include: potluck, bringing baby home, road trip roadies, weekend getaway, dinner with friends, boys will be boys, four quarters & food, under the weather, and moving day! Sorority girl pasta salad, roasted salsa, and overnight oatmeal with chai seeds are my favorite recipes!
  • Wine Bites– I got this book from a friend! It’s all about finger bites and appetizers that pair well with wine! If you’re having a girls night or game night, try the mini crab cakes, ginger shrimp cocktail, sweet potato fritters, or bruschetta!
  • The Fashionable Cocktail– this book speaks for itself! Only fitting that the ‘fashionable’ part relates to me!
  • Ford Family Recipe Binder– I created this one a couple years ago on zazzle! I’m not for sure if they have the same design still available but there are quite a few to choose from! My grandma just bought her own lined sheets and stickers to create the inside of the book! It’s filled with all our family recipes- lasagna, pies, and homemade banana ice cream!
  • The Kitchen Diary– Momma got me this book for Christmas! I’ve had a fun time filling out the pages and making it unique! When I find a recipe off Pinterest that I really like, I make sure to jot it down! If you know someone who loves to cook this would make for a great gift!
Fun Cookbooks (& pretty to leave out!)
  • Pretty Fun– My friend got me this one for my birthday! I’m still trying it out but so far I love it! The pages are filled with stories, tips, and recipes! I’m a huge fan of Kate Hudson so reading this book makes me relate to her ever more! Great for all your girlfriends out there!
  • The Forest Feast Gatherings– This book offers vegetarian menus for hosting family and friends. I don’t really eat much meat, so I prefer a lot of these recipes. And the pages of these books are absolutely gorgeous! It’s one of those books that you just wanna keep looking through!
  • Superfood Smoothies– A couple years ago I was making smoothies for every meal! I was obsessed!! I bought this book then and used it all the time!
  • The Newlywed Collection– Love this pretty book! Know someone getting married? – snag them this! It has a ton of easy recipes to whip up! Dinner, dessert, sides, mix-and-match sides, and more.. pretty much covers it all! It also has easy instructions and pictures to follow along!

Majority of women may claim that they aren’t cookers, but with the help of almost any of theses cook books, you can turn that around!! You have to start somewhere, so it might as well be now! Purchase a book and get started!
The reason I prefer cookbooks is because they are an easy reference. I can leave them laying out while I’m preparing our meals. Sometimes I’ll make a chicken dish from one and sides from another, that way I don’t have to keep flipping back and forth.

And since I got my wisdom teeth out today you could say that I’m craving all this food right now.. dreaming of the days I can chew again! Send me some extra prayers today and throughout the week! xoxo, T


  1. Annaliese

    March 13, 2019 at 10:17 am

    Love this so much! I love cookbooks- I did a post about my favorite ones a few years ago, but I think I’m definitely due to update that. Some of the books you have are so pretty!

    xoxo A

  2. Andrea Roberts

    March 13, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    I have three of these cookbooks and would say hands down my fav is Magnolia Market! I have made several of the recipes and they all turned out great. I’d have to say the recipes are fail proof and delicious all in one. I am totally a cookbook junkie, so thanks for this awesome blog! I now have a few more cookbooks on my wish list. Andrea

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