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New Skincare Regimen

Hi loves!! You may have noticed I was at the beach last week, hence why there weren’t any posts on here! I took the week off to spend time with my friends and just enjoy the sunshine!
However, while I was there I started planning out this upcoming weeks posts! Up first, my new skincare routine!

All last year I tried multiple different skincare brands: Enza Essentials, Rodan Fields, Neutrogena, and more! When I started struggling with melasma I feel like I tried everything on the market, include chemical peels, facials, and laser treatments. Still to this day I haven’t found anything that’s gotten rid of it, but I have tried products that seem to help. Some of which I’m featuring in today’s post!

It’s actually kind of a funny story on how I got hooked on the Mario Badescu line. It was the night of my rehearsal dinner and I texted my friend Caroline. She was driving up from Georgia so I asked if she could stop and getting some waterproof mascara and anything to help with this small pimple that I was starting to get. She brought me the Drying Lotion and told me to apply that night before my wedding. Since then I’ve been addicted to this line and I’ve slowly been adding different products to my skincare routine.

Morning Favorites
Night-time Favorites
  • Glycolic Foaming Cleanser– I like to use products with glycolic in them because it seems to help with my melasma and blemishes! Plus I also feel like it’s a deeper cleaner. This is my nightly cleanser.
  • Glycolic Acid Toner– followed by the cleanser I like to use this toner. Timers are really important to level out the ph on your face.
  • Silver Powder– this is by far my favorite product! After each use I notice my pores appear smaller and the texture of my skin feels amazing! It really helps unclog your pores and get rid of blackheads and excessive oil.
  • Super Collagen Mask– I like to use this mask when I want to tighten my skin and resurface the top layer of my skin! It applies very creamy and soft! Definitely leaves your face feeling refreshed.
  • Seaweed Night Cream– I’ve always heard seaweed can be good for your skin. So I decided to order this. It works like a moisturizer but it’s oil free. So if you put it on right before bedtime you’ll wake up with a soft surface and dewy complexion.
  • Drying Lotion– if I ever get a pimple or have a blemish pop up I immediately put this drying lotion on it. I’ve never seen a product dry up spots as quick as this one!! It’s truly a wonder!!!!! I feel like every woman needs a bottle of this.
  • Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender– I always mist my face with this before bedtime! Not only does it help soothe me for sleep, it also helps keep my face fresh.

These are only some of the products that I’ve tested out and 100% recommend. Of course there are quite a few more! Overall though, this line has worked well with my skin! There are also different regimen kits available for various skin types. I would recommend trying one of those out before you invest in a lot of different things! That way it gives you the chance to test out a few products and see how your skin reacts. You can shop all the products listed in today’s post below, by clicking on the pictures! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email or text!

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