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Make Your Own Yogurt

So today’s post is a little different from anything I’ve ever shared on here! As you may know I really enjoy cooking when I can find the time! And I really love kitchen appliances! From my pasta maker, home orange juice maker, dehydrator, air fryer, pizza maker, and more I kind of have it all! But hey, I decided to stock up on all of it while I’m young so I can use it forever! One of the appliances I decided to invest in was this yogurt maker! I absolutely love it so I figured I would share a post on how easy it is to use!

The only 2 things you really need are the yogurt maker and milk! You can use any type (just refer to the instructional manual on how long to cook your batch according to the milk you use). In this batch I also used 1 culture starter and 3 oz. of peach yogurt (store bought).

One of the things I love most about this yogurt maker is that it comes with the jars and lids! The lids allow you to turn the number which helps you set the date that you made it! Most of the time my yogurt is good for about 10 days after I make it.

First Step: Heat up 1-2 liters of milk (I used about 1 1/2 liters). Make sure you don’t let it boil, but rather just heat up to around 130 degrees F.

After you finish heating the milk, transfer it into bowl and add 1 pack of the yogurt starter (culture). These packets are used to introduce bacteria into your milk, which helps form the yogurt.

This next step is optional. I like to add a little flavor to my yogurt so I used about 3/4 of some store bought peach yogurt. You an use anything you’d like.

Pour about 2 cups of milk into a smaller bowl and mix in peach yogurt. After mixing transfer to the big bowl with remaining milk.

After you’ve completely your mixing you’re ready to transfer it all to your jars and begin cooking.

I set my batch to cook for 8 hours. As you can see, at around 2 hours it was still heating up! If it’s ever finished and it looks like your yogurt might need more time, you can just cook another hour. This machine has an easy time setting!

Last and final step, ENJOY!! I like to add fresh fruit and granola to my jars! Makes for the perfect healthy, delicious snack!


I’ve always been a yogurt eater! Sometimes in the morning, other times for a late night snack! Mainly because I have my favorite flavors and I like the way the tastes, but also because it’s a great source of probiotics! Yogurt always seems to help out my digestive system!

So instead of just buying the same yogurt from the store over and over again I figured I would switch it up and invest in this yogurt maker! It’s a fun way to whip up your favorite kind of flavors! I’m still testing out the best milk to use and how long it takes to cook the batch, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it! If you’re one of those kitchen cookers, I definitely recommend this product!

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