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The Best Facial Sunscreen

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Facial sunscreen is such a touchy subject for me.. About 2 years ago, I went to the beach in the spring and all of a sudden I had brown splotches all over my forehead, upper lip, and under my eyes. I thought it would fade with my tan, but then the next thing I knew it just kept getting worse. Come to find out it was melasma. I’ve been struggling with it ever since. During the summer months it gets exponentially worse. The sun rays, combined with the heat just bring the spots to the surface.

That’s why, when I head to the beach or lay by the pool my facial sunscreen is critically important. I need something with full coverage that protects my skin against UV Rays! I’ve been using Avéne Very High Protection! Some days I chose to use the tinted one (especially if I plan on seeing anyone), others I use the normal! If you’re in the market for some sun protection, definitely check this brand out!!

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