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Reading List for the Pregnant Mom’s

Hi Mama’s!
Today’s post I’m addressing all my favorite pregnancy books!
If you’re like me then the moment you started trying for a baby, to the time you conceive and take your 1st test, the questions are endless! And once you get a little further along they don’t stop there! Since I’m a big reader and want to know all the facts first hand, I spent a few hours at the bookstore with my mom! We researched all the bookshelves, flipping through the pages, and reading paragraphs. The following 5 books are ones that I recommend for various reasons! I’ve found that a lot of pregnancy books can be repetitive but these have all covered different information that is beneficial to pre-pregnancy, the full 9 months, and post-pregnancy. There are some overlaps in books (which is to be expected) but overall these are the ones worth your $!

MUST READ: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Most of us have heard of this book because it’s a classic! It’s the first one I went to buy at the bookstore! My mom was with me and she said, “Oh my.. I remember reading that when I was pregnant with you!” It’s been around for a while but they have updated it! I’ve been reading along with my pregnancy. So the first month I covered weeks 1-4, the second month weeks 5-8 and so on! It’s has so must useful information about changes in your body, hormones, how to handle pregnancy, your day-to day life as a pregnant mom, how to cope with work, what to eat, appropriate weight gain, labor, breast feeding, etc. You name it, it’s in there! They also have questions throughout the chapter that mom’s tend to ask! I enjoy reading those because a lot of them are similar to the questions I had. If you’re looking for an all around book to address your pregnancy, concerns, worries, and questions, this one is definitely it!

Food, Diet, & Eating Habits Guru!? These are for you!
Real Food for Pregnancy and Eating Well When You’re Expecting

Many of you know I’m an avid gym lover, but when it comes to food I don’t eat all that great. I blame it on my sweet tooth. During my first couple weeks I really tried to stay healthy, eat correct proportions, and get in all my vitamins. Over the past few weeks I’ve been slacking. I purchased these 2 books to help me get back on track. ‘Real Food for Pregnancy’ is a great guide on what to eat and why! It has a ton of research and facts about prenatal nutrition and lifestyle choices you should make in your pregnancy. The science and detail in this book are very impressive! ‘Eating Well When You’re Expecting’ also discusses how to navigate healthy choices through your 9 months of pregnancy. It comes with 150+ recipes and meals plans! If you’re trying to get on the healthy track, for you & your baby, this is a great read! It offers help with pregnancy symptoms, food aversions, and alternative to food cravings.

Totally worth the splurge: Pregnancy Day by Day

I came across this book at Barnes and Noble right after I was pregnant and I was so intrigued! It’s a day by day book that goes throughout your entire pregnancy. It’s illustrations of the womb and real-life pictures are what caught my eye and helps me really relate to what stage I’m at in my pregnancy. Along with the day-by-day guide it also offers information on what to expect from your baby and covers tons of topics that are useful to us mamas! Just the other day when I was reading it I came across a section that discussed gum sensitivity when you’re pregnant. I didn’t realize how important it is to stay on top of brushing your teeth & flossing when you conceive. Due to hormone changes are gums are prone to gingivitis. Just tad bits like that, that supply my knowledge, are what I love to learn about! This book also covers topics about birth, labor, and life when the baby comes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!! It’s definitely at the top of my list!! 10/10 for sure!

Tips, Humor, and Details about Pregnancy: The Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy

My bestie got me this book and it’s already made me laugh! It’s a humors book on the sh!t no-one talks about pregnancy! Like for real! It’s one of those books that would be great to gift to a friend that keeps the reading light and fun! But beware this book is blunt and honest about all aspects of pregnancy. It’s almost like a pregnancy memoir with helpful insights on what it’s like to be pregnant. If you like hard facts, science, and data, this book probably isn’t for you… But if you want something other than the traditional pregnancy books, give this a try!

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