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Kitchen Organization

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend! I spent some quality time with my family & friends, that was much needed! Today I’m playing catch up and getting the house organized! As I was cleaning out the pantry & fridge I realized I’ve never shared this post with you all. For those of you who follow me on Instagram I know you’ve seen me post about my kitchen organization before and requested a full post on it. It’s long overdue, but here it finally is! I’m sharing my favorite kitchen containers that I use to organize my fridge and pantry. As always, if you have any questions send them my way!

  • OXO Pop Containers (used for cereal, oatmeal, pasta, animal crackers, pretzels, goldfish, fig newtons, cookies, & more) – I invested in these a couple years ago and I’m so glad I did! They store practically everything in our pantry! I will say it’s cheaper to buy a pack of them but there are also places that sale them individually (and if you’re lucky you can sometimes find them at TJ Maxx). We carry these things around our house like it’s nobody business- hahaha. Clint will take the goldfish downstairs and I’ll take the animal crackers into bed. They are so great because they are clear and keep your pantry looking unified! My OCD self is forever grateful for these!
  • Pyrex Containers (used for fruits, veggies, soups, leftovers, and more)- I registered for these for our wedding and they’ve been great! We throw our left over sides, soup, veggies, and fruits in them! They are also easy to stack in the fridge which I love!
  • Egg Container– Another clear container to keep your fridge looking fresh! The most important thing to remember when using your egg container is the expiration date! Sometimes I just put a reminder in my phone or you can write it on the bin.
  • Bread Storage– If you want to keep your bread stored fresh in the pantry or fridge I recommend this bin! We always use it!
  • Snack Bins (used for peanut butter, snacks, & granola bars)- These clear bins go great on my pantry shelves. I like using them because I can see everything we have, what we might need, & it makes options easily accessible. They also make some stackable ones that I use in my fridge for yogurt, jello, and small things like that .

& another side note I must share! I label all my boxes, bins, containers, and storage with the same labels! I bought the font ‘Hokey Pokey’ & downloaded it to my computer. I use it when printing every label. If you’re looking for clear adhesive labels I recommend this clear sticker paper! I just run it through my normal printer and use my paper cutter to make them even. All the labels you’ve seen in todays post are made this way!

Maybe after reading today’s post you’re feeling the urge to get organized! I have to admit, with the fall season right around the corner it’s the perfect time to regroup! I truly believe that organization, in all areas of your life, just makes things easier. Plus it helps keep everything clean and unified! Just remember, you have to start somewhere! Maybe it’s a drawer, cabinet, or attic! Just go get after it and I’m sure you’ll leave with the best feeling of satisfaction!

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