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Pregnancy Update 1st Trimester- 16 weeks

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So I’m in my 16th week of pregnancy and finally feeling like myself! I told my husband if it wasn’t for me not being able to fit in my jeans/a little weight gain, I might not even know I was pregnant! No joke! I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have had such a great beginning 3 months, with no morning sickness, aches, pains, or cravings. Some days were better than others, just like it is now! But hey, you win some, you lose some! Clint and I have both agreed that we are just ready for baby girl to be here! He always says, “can we just hibernate until February?” He might be even more excited than I am, and that’s saying something!

Anyways, a couple weeks ago I hopped on my Instagram stories and asked you guys to send me any questions you had about my pregnancy! Today I’m rounding up the most popular ones and sharing my experiences, thoughts, and answers with you all!

  • When did you know you were ready to start a family? Clint and I started talking about starting a family shortly after we got married. Then about 4 months later we decided we wanted to start ‘trying’. We kind of agreed on the fact that it may never be the right time but God would bless us with a baby when he thought it was right. After all, Clint and I are only 25 and think of ourselves as kids sometimes… “How are we going to raise one!?”, we would ask ourselves. But after our wedding we really settled down into married life and constantly talked about what it would be like to have a baby/toddler around within the next few years. It made our hearts giddy just thinking about it. We prayed and put our faith in the Lord to guide our path and send us a sign when the timing was right. Now we’re coming up on our year anniversary and here we are expecting a little one! God is so good.
  • Are you craving anything in particular? Honestly, I haven’t had too many weird cravings yet! I’m sure that will change in the next few months but we will see. I’ve always had a sweet tooth so I’ll have you know that definitely hasn’t gone anywhere!
  • Did y’all know you were ready ready? (I go back and forth ah) Up until the moment we found out I was pregnant I think we asked ourself the same thing, “are we really ready?” I’m not sure anyone is ready until the bring that baby home from the hospital and you’re like, ‘ok this is real!’ If you’re a first time mother, like me, there are so many unknowns that can scare you away from having a baby. I think you just have to take a leap of faith, trust in the Lord, and pray that it will all work out.
  • How many kids do you want? Lol, ask my husband and he will say 5. He wants a big family! I’d be good with 3, 4, 10.. whatever God wants to bless us with! Realistically I think we would both love to have 3 and adopt one as well. It’s been in our hearts since we got married that we’ve always wanted to adopt.
  • Do you have names picked out yet? We do have a name! And the more we say it, the more it grows on us! Can’t wait to share it with you all!
  • Are you sleeping okay? (when I got pregnant I felt like I never slept!) I have good nights and bad nights! Overall, I’m sleeping pretty well though. At first I was taking my prenatal vitamin with dinner. I realized it would sometimes hurt my stomach, so when I switched and started taking it in the morning, I noticed I slept a little better. As my belly has very slowly started to grow on me I’m finding it’s harder to sit up and turn over in the bed. I’m trying not to use my stomach muscles too much and I think that’s what wakes me up. Other than that, my only other issue with is sleep is the crazy dreams I have! Like seriously, crazy! I’ve never experienced anything like it! They are so vivid and I can remember all the details when I wake up. I’ve heard this is a common pregnancy symptom! Anxious to see if they will get better or worse! – Also, if you’re having trouble sleeping I recommend running lavender through the diffuser before bed or spraying your sheets with lavender spray! I always like to do this before we turn out the lights!
  • What’s going to be your nursery theme? So I’ve designed the nursery and ordered all the furniture from Restoration Hardware. I would say the theme is pretty neutral, with some blush pink (of course)! The crib and changing table/dresser match. The chair and other decor go along with them as well! Seriously can’t wait to watch it all come together soon! When it’s finished I’ll make sure to share pictures!
  • Do you battle anxiety? If so, how do you overcome it? Of course I do! (I know this question wasn’t pregnancy related but I’ve had so many girls ask me this I wanted to include it). I know in today’s time it’s a struggle to compare yourself to things you see on social media or live up to the standards society has set. I’ve struggled with this ever since I modeled and started blogging. However, I’m confident with who I am and I just remind myself that God created me to be unique. So what if I’m not a double 0, or don’t always have the best pics.. there are so many more important things in life than trying to live up to everyone else’s standards. Just be proud of you are, in your own skin. Start your morning with a grateful heart and a devotion. That will keep your spirits up throughout the year and help you build a relationship with the only person who can judge you, God.
  • What are your top registry items? UPPABaby Vista Stroller, Car Seat, and Bassinet, Thule Urban Glide Stroller (for running), DockATot, Bumbo Floor Seat, Halo Bassinet (or Happiest Baby bassinet – trying to decide), MamaRoo 4 Baby Swing, Stoke Tripp Trapp High Chair, Owlet Baby Monitor System, Hatch Baby Grow Changing Pad/Scale, Cuisinart Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer.. and so much more!!! There’s a lot on my list that I’ve been researching, so I’ll share a full blog post on it soon!
  • Has your appetite increased? Kind of?? This is kind of hard for me to answer because I’ve always had a big appetite. Since I work out so much I’m always hungry and snacking throughout the day. Not much of that has changed since I got pregnant.
  • What’s your pregnancy workout routine? It’s slowly started to get harder to work out because I get tired so much quicker than I used to. I’m still teaching cycling, riding my peloton, and running 3-4 times a week. I’m trying to do more walking to supplement my running. However, I’m still weight training and taking a boot camp class like I was before! I’ve gotten so many questions about this so I’ll do a separate blog post where I can go more in depth with all the details!
  • Have you noticed any weight gain? Oh yes!!!! Went to the doc this week, stepped on the scale, and it terrified me. But really… I’m trying not to worry about it because I’m growing our baby girl. They way I look at it is of God’s chosen me to bear this child, then the least I can do is give up my concerns about my figure, weight, and size for the next 5 months. There’s a time to worry about my weight gain and it’s definitely not now!

I hope I’ve done a pretty good job of answering some of the most popular questions and giving you all some insight on my pregnancy thus far! I’m so excited to continue sharing this journey with you all! Thank you for tuning along!

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