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2nd Trimester Update & Moms On Call

Happy Cyber Monday! While so many of you all are probably busy shopping the sales I wanted to pause on all the craziness and reach out to all my mamas and soon-to-be mamas! I just wanted to hop on here and share an update with you all and some resources that I’ve been using to help me prepare for Baby Stuen’s arrival!

2nd Trimester Update

Today, I go in for my 28 week appointment. Then tonight we are going to our first child birthing class. It’s slowly starting to hit me that in 3 months we are going to have a little baby here with us. In the beginning of my pregnancy I felt like time was going by so slowly but when I look back my 2nd trimester actually went by pretty quickly… which means the 3rd one will probably go by even faster because of the holidays.

Body, Appetite, & Fitness Changes

I feel like I’ve been so lucky throughout out my pregnancy because it’s been fairly easily. I’ve never been sick and the only side effects I’ve experienced have been sore muscles, cramping in my round ligament, mild back pain, and some fatigue. My energy really picked back up my 2nd trimester. In my 1st trimester I was napping like 4 times a week, but from 18 weeks on I’ve never crawled back in bed or hit the couch.

I know most women tend to lose their appetite during the 1st trimester or crave certain things. Thankfully, that’s never been me. My diet has pretty much stayed the same throughout this entire pregnancy and I haven’t had any weird cravings (yet). Maybe they will come in a few weeks but who knows? As far as weight gain goes, I’m slowly adding it on. I like to weigh myself 2 times a week just to make sure I’m on track. Unlike most women, I actually put on more in my 1st trimester than I did in my 2nd. I know they say you’re only suppose to put on about 3-4 lbs in weeks 4-13 but that wasn’t the case for me. I honestly think my body was just adapting and changing so much that I stored more fat then. From weeks 22-26 I barely gained a pound but don’t worry baby is fine! My doctor said he’d like to see me gain about 30-35 and right now I’m on track for about 28-30 lbs (if I gain 1 lb a week from here on out)

Supplements- I’ve switched to gummy prenatal vitamins because they settle better on my stomach. When I was taking the pills I always had to eat with them so I wouldn’t feel queasy. The gummies are much better and I suggest switching if you’ve experienced the same thing!

When it comes to my fitness routine I’ve had to slow down quite a bit. I’m still teaching cycling and tabata and just modifying when I need to. I’ve noticed I can’t run as long due to the extra weight in my mid area, which causes my back to ache. Other than that I’m still trying to cycle, walk, lift weights, and do some pregnancy exercises (that I found on Pinterest).

Stuen Lee & her Nursery

Stuen Lee Johnson! We decided to announce her name a few weeks ago because we just couldn’t stand keeping it a secret any longer! Feels good to have it out in the open and say it aloud whenever we want!

Stuen Lee is on track for measurements and doing great! She’s been head down most of the pregnancy and stretched out long across my stomach. I always joke with Clint though because he weighed 11 lbs. when he was born and I weighed 8 lbs 13 oz… so I have a feeling she might be a very big baby! Guess we won’t know til closer to time but just praying that she is healthy because that’s all that truly matters.

Around 19 weeks, when we were in ATL I felt Stuen Lee kick for the first time. Then I really didn’t feel her again until 21 weeks. By 23 I felt her a lot but could never get Clint to time it out right so he could feel too.. But by week 25 we would lay in bed and watch her kick and he could feel her all the time! The little flutters are truly the most magical feeling in the entire world. When she’s here I have a feeling I’m really going to miss them.

This trimester was when I really started to get in gear and design her nursery! All her furniture has been delivered, her Elfa closet shelving system has been installed, and we’ve made great progress on getting the room together! There are still some minor details I need to add in but overall we are ready for her anytime! I’m that person that likes to be prepared and ahead of schedule. So I told Clint I’d like it mostly done before the holidays so we can enjoy them and then pick up where we left off in January or February. Plus I still have all my baby showers in the next 2 1/2 months so I’ll be putting most of that stuff away as well.

Moms On Call

I’ve started doing my research and reading all the baby books and tips. I’d like to have all the information I can so I’m overly prepared when Stuen arrives. So far my favorite guide/outline on caring for your newborn has been ‘Moms On Call’. I received the Baby Care 0-6 months book from them, along with the online video course, and the swaddle blanket (shown in the pics above). It’s been great reading their tips and suggestions for how to care for a little one. The course and book cover everything from daily schedules, feeding routines, sleep habits, safety checklists, common illnesses and so much more. It’s an easy read and I’ve found that you can pick up on all the info really quickly. I’m going to try to follow their recommended schedule for feeding and sleeping when she is born. I’ve had so many people tell me that trying to maintain a schedule can work wonders for the baby and yourself!

If you’re expecting a little one I highly recommend getting this book or their online course! They also offer personal consulting if you’re interested in talking with someone one-on-one. I know at times it can be so overwhelming just thinking about how to take care of a little one, but there’s no reason to stress. With these resources, help is only moments away! And always if you ever have any questions please send them my way!

p.s.- I’m hosting a giveaway, with Moms On Call, over on my Instagram page. Head there to enter for a chance to win the Swaddle Package (swaddle + 0-6 month book) and the 0-6 month online course.

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