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Charlie & Baby Bump

Socks & Dresses:

How do we tell the pups we are bringing home another baby!? – The question Clint & I have struggled with these past couple of months. Charlie and Oslo have been our babies for so long that it’s only natural we worry constantly about how they are going to act when we bring Stuen Lee home. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that they are going to be fine. They say dogs can immediately sense when you’re pregnant. Due to hormone changes, our scents change. Dogs pick up on that and know something is different. So maybe they’ve known all along that change is coming!? In 52 days (or less) we are all going to be adjusting to a newborn. While I think Charlie is going to be so excited and curious, I think Oslo might be a little jealous. Oslo is the king of the house and he wants to prove it  (his interest in this matter is lacking- hint why he is sitting on the couch and not with us )

These pictures are some I’m going to look back on forever and smile. It’s such a special time welcoming your 1st into the world. Seeing Charlie rest his sweet face on my bump, Clint’s arms wrapped around me, and our growing little girl all in one pic brings me to tears. How lucky am I to have this family of mine? I look at these moments and see our God. One who loved us all so much he blessed our family with each other. We are going to cherish this season, together, forever and always <3

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