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My pregnancy is slowly coming to an end & I’m realizing that I dont want it to be over just yet. Yes, of course, we are ready to hold our sweet girl and soak up all the baby cuddles, but I’m feeling some type of way about it. No matter how uncomfortable I am now, all the extra weight I’m gaining, sore muscles, tight back, heartburn, swollen fingers, melasma.. those aren’t the things I’m not going to look back on and remember… I’m going to remember her flutters, kicks, and hiccups every time I drank cold water… me worrying about if she’s head down or whether that was her foot or head I felt.. her movements inside me are what I’m truly going to miss! I just keep thinking I want to keep her safe forever and take her everywhere with me.. which is why I know I’m going to look back at these pics & moments, and miss Stuen Lee in my womb.
Pregnancy is such an amazing journey… one that I was never prepared for (and not sure anyone really can be) but its been life changing. Now I can only hope and pray that her birth goes as smoothly as the last 8 months & we welcome her into this world with minimal complications. 38 days and counting!!

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