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L&D Nurse Gift Ideas

I hadn’t planned on turning this into a post, but since so many of you girls were commenting and asking questions about the nurses gifts I made, on my Instastory, I figured I should snap some pics & give y’all all the details!

So if you haven’t noticed from my stories, I’m in total baby mode over here! I feel like everyday I’m doing something different to help prep and plan for Stuen Lee’s arrival! Today, I finished putting together these gifts and started packing her bag!

Can’t remember when/where I first heard about doing gifts for your labor and delivery nurses, but it stuck with me. I’m probably not going to be the best patient (my pain tolerance is like negative 10) so I wanted to do something a little extra to thank them for all that they are going to do for us! I started with the candy and decided on what sayings I wanted to write on them! Then I ordered these cups and pens to go along with the candy and hand sanitizer! I made all my little cards on PicMonkey (it’s the best) and then I just topped off the top of the cups with some festive ribbon! Overall, these were so easy to make and it gives me something fun to look forward to in the hospital after all that pain that I’m going to go through! I’ve heard if it wasn’t for the nurses, half the mamas wouldn’t have known what to do! After all, they are the ones sharing the most special day of our lives with us!

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