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3rd Trimester Bumpdate

Month 3, Month 5, & Month 8

When I first started snapping my bump pictures I really didn’t have that much intention on sharing them.. However, they kind of became a weekly thing because so many of you all asked to see my belly bump progress! So for that, you’ll have to excuse my basic pics & careless outfits haha! Just wanted something to document my journey that I can look back on forever. I’ve rounded up some ones that I shared on my Instagram and decided to update you all on my 3rd trimester! We are getting down to the final days and home stretch! Can’t believe Stuen Lee is going to be here so soon! It’s getting real y’all!!! I went to my 37 week appointment today and we discussed lot’s of birthing options. Just kept telling my doctor I want to be prepared for anything that I might encounter- from epidurals, natural birth, c-section, induction, Pitocin, labor, pains.. you name it! I’m also reading so much online (which is both a blessing and a curse). Sometimes the more I read, the more I panic.. just keep telling myself that at this point it’s in God’s hands!

Last week I asked y’all to send many any questions you had on my 3rd trimester! Today, I’m doing my best to answer them all! Please keep in mind that my responses are all based off my pregnancy! I’m by no means an expert on some of these topics.. I’m just another birthing mama taking 1 day at a time! My goal is just to share, inspire, and encourage all you women who are experiencing the same thing/hoping to one day!

Are you planning on having a natural birth?
I truly believe it’s all according to God’s plan! I know he already has a birth story and date picked out for her, so we are just continually to pray that he leads us down the best path to bring Stuen into this world. With that being said, I’m definitely going to try to do a natural birth, with an epidural. So far she’s been head down since 33 weeks and is in a good position. A lot can change in the next 3 weeks so I’m trying not to get my hopes up on one set plan.

Are you going to breast feed and/or pump?

I’m planning on doing both! I’ve heard so many great things about breastfeeding, but I’ve also heard about the struggles too. I know it’s probably not going to be easy but I’m willing to try everything for Stuen Lee! My goal is to breast feed for at least 6 months. Every mama is different (Some go 2 weeks, some go 2 years), but I feel like if I at least set a goal for us to reach, I’m more likely to obtain it!

What’s in your hospital bag?
This was one of my most asked questions so I’m going to do a whole blog post on it! I’m creating a big checklist to include in the post as well! Stay Tuned (it will be live at the end of this week or beginning of next).

What are you packing in your go bag that may be embarrassing for FTM’s to buy?
I’ll make sure to include my aftercare items in my hospital bag post! (This has been a popular question as well)

What are you wearing for delivery and hospital pics?
For delivery I’m just planning on wearing the gown they give me. I’m not sure when/how she is going to arrive so I didn’t want to plan on taking my own gown. It was just one more thing for me to worry about/stress over, so I’d rather be comfortable and just let the nurses tell me what to do.
For our hospital pics I’ve ordered some satin pajamas (the softest things ever) and a pink robe! Clint & I are trying to coordinate with Stuen Lee for our first family pics! AHHH I can’t wait!!!!

Which trimester have you experienced the most weight gain?

So.. call me crazy, but I actually gained more weight in my 1st trimester, from weeks 9-13! I truly believe that my body was just prepping for the next 6 months and I started hanging onto the nutrients I needed. I didn’t gain very much in my 2nd trimester. Then from week 32 til now, I’ve gained about 1 lb a week. My biggest weight jump was right after Christmas (31 weeks til the new year – 34 weeks). Blame it on the Christmas candy and our beach trip, but that was when I really felt like I started to pop and Stuen Lee gained most of her weight. – As of today I’ve gained right at about 24 lbs. Overall I’m looking at about 27 for the entire pregnancy and my doctor suggested I gain anywhere from 25-40 lbs. I’m right on track but I’ve still been very active these past 8 moths.

Have you had any weird cravings?
Honestly, no. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and that definitely hasn’t changed. Just last night at the Super Bowl party, I ate more cookie cake than I did anything else! (But that’s typical for me hahah)

Are you having anyone besides your husband in the delivery room?

It’s just going to be Clint and I in the delivery room, along with Tabitha (who shoots all our pics). I wanted to document the experience just for myself and have pictures of her first breath in the world. Hopefully all goes according to plan and it’s as magical as my dreams.

What have you used to prevent stretch marks?

I’m going to do another blog post on this as well- It’s going to be my night time pregnancy products! But I love this Belly Butter (just finished my last jar a few days ago) & Body Oil! I just rub them together and lather it on my belly & booty!

Are you still able to run? If so how far and how long?

I’m still running about 5-6 times a week but my pace and distance has definitely took a toll. From about 33 weeks on, I’ve maxed my distance out at about 3 miles. I could keep pushing and go farther, for sure, but then I always notice my back aches so much more when I overdo it. I just try to listen to my body and take each day at a time. I get super frustrated because I know my heart, lungs, and endurance can last for so much longer, but my pelvis, inner thighs, and back just can’t take that much strain right now. All my loosening muscles just start to ache and cramp. However, I always follow my run with a little walk! Just this morning I did 1.5 miles and then walked for another 1.5! So each day is different.

What cycle classes do you take on your Peloton that are good for pregnancy?
I’ve noticed cycling has gotten a little more difficult, when I’m sitting down. If I stand up and ride there’s not as much pressure on my pelvis and my belly isn’t in the way. So lately, I’ve been doing any of the 20 minute classed and I’ll do 1-2, 30 minute ones, a week! Along with that I still teach my 45 minute cycling class on Monday! I love it and just can’t give it up! (next week is my last week though).

Did you have to buy maternity jeans? If so, which brand?
Yes I bought a few pair, but only from PinkBlush & J.Crew! Loved both the brands and definitely recommend.

Do you still have insomnia or are you taking anything to help with it?
Unfortunately, yes, I’m still up many times throughout the night. It seems like I can never get comfortable and as soon as I do I have to wake up to use the bathroom. I’m currently not taking anything but my doc did suggest a few things. So if you’re struggling with sleep I suggest asking yours what they recommend!
Each night I just tell myself that this is my bodies way of getting me ready for the next few months. As much as I’d like to bank all my sleep right now, I’m just hoping this all prepares me for when she is actually here!

What are you most excited for/nervous about? (related to birth/labor)
Most excited for the one breathless moment that I lay my eyes on her. And I think I’m more ready to see Clint’s reaction than anything! – I’m most nervous about an unplanned C-section (hoping that’s not me but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was my main fear).

How did you pick her name?
Stuen is my maiden name. So when I got married I switched to Torunn Stuen Johnson. So we decided to name her Stuen and give her my old middle name, Lee…… still to this day I’m obsessed with it! Stuen Lee <3

Well I think that about covers it all! I did my best to answer most of your questions and kind of combine some of them together! As always, if you have any more please feel free to shoot me an email or Instamessage! Thanks for dropping by and for following along my pregnancy journey!

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