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Hospital Bags are Packed!

20 days (or less) until Stuen Lee arrives and we’ve got our bags packed! Today I’m sharing what’s in mine and hers!
p.s.- at the end of this post I created a checklist PDF for you all to save when you start packing! Hope it helps!

My Bags

My outfit: Teddy Jacket, Spanx Leggings, Sneakers

Weekender Bags Henry Dry Goods, #MOMLIFE Bag Amazon, Diaper Bag Gucci, Clear Toiletry Pouches & Travel Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Amazon, Blankets Barefoot Dreams
  • Weekender Bags– I use mine so much my mom ended up getting one for Stuen Lee for Christmas! These are the best duffel bags to throw stuff in! So spacious, sturdy, cute, and unique!
  • #MOMLIFE Bag– had to!! haha – I’m storing all my clear pouches, makeup organizer, and extras in this little tote!
  • Diaper Bag– Stay Tuned for another post where I’m sharing 4 different diaper bags!
  • Clear Pouches– I’ve used these for the past couple of years and love them! They are easy to travel with and perfect for locating what you need! I’m taking 4 different ones; 1. toiletries, 2. aftercare, 3. toothbrush/retainer and extras, 4. charging cables, book light, and extension cord
  • Makeup Organizer (forgot to snap a pic of it)- For $20 you can’t beat this! I’m taking some of my makeup just because we are planning on taking some newborn pictures with her after she’s born. May or may not feel like getting cleaned up but just in case!
  • Blankets– I’m taking 1 for Clint and 1 for me! I just want to snuggle up with my own cozy blanket so I’ve got a little sense of home with me! I know it’s not necessary but I think I’ll be glad I have it!

In My Bag:
  • House Slippers & Shower Shoes
  • Robe
  • Pajamas (I’m taking 2 pair)
  • Going Home Outfit (Joggers & Sweatshirt)
  • Extra tee & leggings (in case I want to change into something for when visitors arrive)
  • Nursing Bra & Nursing Tank
  • Diffuser & Sound Machine– I’m taking the little sound machine we got for Stuen Lee’s strollers! I’ve heard if you use one in their room at night, then it’s good to have one to travel with/attach to their car seat.
  • Postpartum Belt
  • Go Pro, Camera, & Charging Accessories – make sure to take an extension cord too!
  • Portable Speaker– I’ve already started making my delivery room playlist
  • Toiletry Items– Make-Up (this is the best cosmetic organizer), Aftercare (I’m taking some of my own), Travel Hair Dryer
  • Extras*Towels (I had a friend recommend I take my own! They said that first shower is the best thing ever and just drying off with their own made them more comfortable), Toilet Paper (just for that first night & for your significant other), Pillows (might want to use your own), & Snacks

Stuen Lee’s Bags

  • Baby Book– Taking it to the hospital so they can record her handprints and footprints!
  • Happy Birthday Book– for everyone who comes to visit, I’m going to ask them to sign this book! I want to start a tradition where I read it to her every year on her bday!
  • Lamb Stuffed Animal, Holy Bible, & Baby Bracelet– these 3 things are going to be used in her newborn photos! I’m giving her the little bracelet on the day she is born & I’m going to save it for the day she gets married, to wrap around her bouquet.
  • Polaroid Camera– just in case we want to snap some candid pictures
  • Swaddle Blanket
  • Coming Home Outfit– still deciding on Stuen Lee’s!
  • Accessories: Hair Bows, Socks, Mittens– for the car ride home & her first pictures!
  • Car Seat– just make sure it’s installed and ready to go!

Little Giraffe Blankets
Taking both of these to use when she is in our room, laying on the boppy, or being held! These are the softest blankets ever and I highly recommend them! Wish they made some big enough for me haha

Boppy Nursing Pillow & Boppy Lounger
I’ve heard both of these are a must have! The lounger is great for when they are newborns. It’s easy for them to sleep in and for you to tote around.

We’ve decided to bank her cord blood and tissue in case there’s ever a need for it in the future. (If you also plan on having more children they say that sometimes stem cells from your children can be used on one another for treatment options if ever needed). This is the kit they mail you and you take to the delivery room.



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