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Top Baby Items

I’ve had quite a few requests to share my favorite and ‘most used’ baby items, so I’m rounding them up, and linking them below!
These products are used almost daily during Stuen Lee’s 1st month! I’m sure as she grows, products will change, but these are all definitely ones that I recommend getting for your baby’s 1st year!

  1. UPPAbaby Vista – This stroller, bassinet, and car seat combo has been wonderful! Not only do we love the car seat, but we love the bassinet even more! She loves to nap in it when I take her on walks.
  2. Baby Brezza Sterilizer – This sterilizer also serves as a drying rack in my kitchen. I use it almost everyday and run bottles, pacifiers, my Hakka, and her baby bum applicator through it.
  3. Stokke Newborn High Chair Set – I like to place her in this high chair when I’m cooking or while we are eating. And the best thing about this is that it grows with them! You can take off the newborn attachment and use the seat as they get older.
  4. Baby Nail Trimmer – Since Stuen was born she’s always had scratchy nails. I’m that mom that is too scared to cut them (I’ve heard horror stories), so I purchased this instead! It seriously works like a charm! I just use the pink, newborn attachment and use it to file down her nails.
  5. Diaper Caddy – Wherever she goes, this goes! From the basement to my office upstairs, I utilize this caddy so much. I’ve also thrown it in my car a couple times because it has all the essentials.
  6. UPPAbaby Cup Holder Attachment – Must have if you own an uppabbay stroller!
  7. Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller – This is my running / walking stroller when the roads are rough! Although I do like to use my UPPAbaby bassinet too, this stroller is easier to push on gravel roads and rocky pavement.
  8. Light Up Rattle – There’s not many toys for a 3 week old because as you know, babies like to sleep. But to stimulate Stuen & encourage her to stay awake during the day, I hold this rattle in front of her face. I’ll do it for a couple minutes when I notice she is awake and she follows the light & noise.
  9. Pottery Barn Boppy – Best thing ever! Stuen Lee sits in hers all the time!
  10. Handmade Bassinet – My mom gave us this as a shower gift and we’ve used it quite a bit! Sometimes she’ll nap it in and other times I’ll just put her in it to carry her downstairs. We also have this rocking stand that the bassinet sits in. Def recommend it if you have a Moses basket.
  11. Diaper Genie – Nobody wants to smell those dirty diapers.. am I right!? this is a must have registry item!
  12. Thule Stroller Organizer Attachment – Great for holding your drinks, keys, and phone!
  13. Thule Stroller Infant Car Seat Adapter – You’ll want to get an adapter for the Thule stroller if you’re planning on using it for a few months when they are born. This just holds their car seat in place.
  14. Little Giraffe Blanket – I should take stock in LG as much as I’ve used these blankets! We have a few of them throughout the house and they are amazing!! So soft & the perfect size!
  15. Baby Bum Diaper Cream Applicator – I use this to apply her diaper cream, A & D, etc. Easy to use and doesn’t dirty your fingers!
  16. Lovevery Play Gym – At this stage in Stuen Lee’s life we use the play gym for a few minutes each day. I’ll put her in her boppy, set her underneath the toys, and flash the black and white cards at her.
  17. Mamaroo – I keep this in my office and use it daily. It’s nice because the app on my phone is easily accessible and I can change her direction, speed, and music.
  18. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle – Stuen does not like to be swaddle with her arms by her side. She’s that baby that likes to stretch-out and put her hands up. That’s why this swaddle is so great! It still wraps around her belly to give her the sense of security but allows for her arms to be free.
  19. Copper Pearl Car Seat Cover – Gotta have a car seat cover! When you’re running to the grocery or going out to eat, it’s nice to keep your baby closed in from germs and outside people.
  20. HATCH Changing Pad & Scale – Those first couple weeks of Stuen’s life I was worried about her gaining weight, so, this scale became my best friend. I’d weigh her every morning (and still do) just to keep a close watch on how she is progressing.
  21. Star Bouncer – This bouncer stays in our bathroom/bedroom. So if I’m ever hopping in the shower or get ready I’ll put her in it. This one is her favorite because she likes the vibration setting and lullaby music.
  22. HATCH Sound Machine & Night Light – Controlling her sound machine and night light on my phone is so convenient, let me tell ya! At night I’ll dim it or turn it up if we are feeding.
  23. Portable Sound Machine – We take this lil guy everywhere! On our walks, in the car, in her bassinet, etc.
  24. Wipe Warmer – She’s gotten spoiled with warm wipes. But hey, would you want to wipe your booty cold!?

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