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Family Maternity Pictures

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Thank You to Tabitha Stoffel Photography for these last photos as a family of three. I’ll cherish them forever.

It still feels a little surreal to look at these pictures and know our family is about to gain another baby girl any day now! 9 months ago we started our 2nd pregnancy journey and it’s truly been everything I imagined and more. I always said, “If God blesses us with another baby I’m going to soak up every minute of pregnancy.” So this time around I’ve truly tried to do just that. From the ups, downs, high lows.. everything.. I’ve learned to embrace each moment when it comes. This pregnancy has been quite different from my first. I had more morning sickness (nothing too crazy though), increased growth scans (due to a marginal cord), back aches (I’ve had issues with my SI joint both times), a breech baby (28-37 weeks), underwent an ECV, and fatigue (from baby and chasing around Stuen Lee). On top of pregnancy symptoms we sold our house, have been packing up, are building a home, and this past year I’ve really been trying to navigate through my brothers death. That being said, through every trial, tear, worry, and concern I wouldn’t go back and change a single thing. It was in those moments I learned to appreciate this tiny miracle growing inside of me. I found comfort in knowing God chose me and this was all according to his plan. If stress set in (which it did a lot), I just took a step back and let my own control go.

Now, with only a few days left I’m wondering if I can prolong this pregnancy anymore (insert laughing emoji)! Although I’m dying to meet her, kiss her cheeks, and pray with her in my arms, I know I’m going to miss her in my belly. It’s an honor to have a baby inside you, growing with you, and going everywhere with you. I’ve had this sense of I’m never alone, now what am I going to do without her in my belly!? Such a bittersweet moment! I think that’s what makes these pictures so special. I can look back on them and reminisce on this short chapter of our life. It’s been a magical, beautiful, miracle ride! Thank You God for our newest blessing <3

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